What are the Career options available after you learn digital marketing?

What are the Career options available after you learn digital marketing?

If you look back 5 years in time, a career in digital marketing in India would have been a mirage or someone would laugh on you. But things have changed rapidly, especially career opportunities in digital marketing. This change can be seen by the data presented by the US media agency, Zenith which says that Indian smartphone users will cross 530 million marks by the end of the year 2018. Besides, the digital marketing industry is flourishing all over the world by an outstanding amount of $68 billion. It has been seen that other industries are merely achieving 5-10% of growth rate every year. In contrast, the digital marketing industry is achieving a skyrocketing of 40% growth rate every year.

Reading the above information will give you a clear indication for the benefits of digital marketing course. But the next query you will get in your mind, what are the career opportunities in digital marketing? Accordingly, we inform you about the career options in digital marketing and their role in digital marketing jobs.

1. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

This position represents the top position of the pyramid structure of digital marketing. It asks you for a minimum experience of 5 years in digital marketing. The digital marketing vacancies also show that this position is in a higher demand due to its responsibilities related to the role. A digital marketing manager handles an entire digital marketing team and submits his reports to the Vice President of Marketing of the organization.

Digital Marketing Managers lead all the elements of digital marketing and oversee and accomplish an integrated digital marketing plan. The salary of this fascinating digital marketing job position is between 15-20 Lakhs and require a minimum experience of 6-7 years.

2. Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Manager

One of the best and exciting digital marketing job descriptions is of a Content Marketing Manager who handles the content marketing responsibility. This digital marketing career path includes directing blogs, sales page copywriting, email communications, drip marketing campaigns, PR, ebook publications, video marketing and visitor blogs. They also report to the Vice President of Marketing of the organization.

Content Marketing Managers oversee a team of content writers. You can earn a salary from this position between 10-15 Lakhs. A digital marketing course can give you the opportunity to apply to this position and give you a chance to work in the digital marketing industry.

3. Content Writer

Content Writer

In the lame term, content is information. This information can be broadcasted through blogs, social media posts, articles and many more ways. In this digital marketing job, you are supposed to broadcast your information to a specific audience like consumers, potential consumers, investors, employees, and stakeholders. You can get a career opportunity in digital marketing as a content writer if your writing is good if you can do a thorough research and write creatively.

This digital marketing career path of content writer provides you an attractive earning of 2-3 Lakhs. This position of the content writer in digital marketing does require a certification in the digital marketing course.

4. Inbound Marketing Manager

Inbound Marketing Manager

The demand for an Inbound Marketing Manager depends on the scale of the industry. It has been seen that the responsibilities of a content marketing manager and an inbound marketing manager overlap all the time. In terms of responsibilities precisely, management of funnel and conversion at each stage is the main role of an inbound marketing manager. While an inbound marketing manager makes sure to attract the attention of consumers, a content marketing manager makes sure that these consumers are attracted and converted at the same time.

This digital marketing job description gives you an earning of 3-4 Lakhs. This career option in digital marketing asks you to get a digital marketing course certification so you can get the required skillset.

5. Social Media Marketing Manager

Social Media Marketing Manager

Many individuals believe that social media marketing manager job position equals to handling social media platforms and nothing else. But if you wish to make a digital marketing career progression, you need to understand the latest trends in social media and create or modify your digital marketing strategy, inform your content team to create the content for social media posts.

You need to understand that as a social media marketing manager, features and targeting options on social media changes or modifies on a daily basis. Consequently, adjusting to it and create content for a dynamic platform will be a challenging task for you. The salary of this digital marketing job description ranges from 5-12 Lakhs. This career option in digital marketing needs a certification in digital marketing.

6. Search Engine Marketer (SEM)

Search Engine Marketer (SEM)

This position in digital marketing also depends on the scale of a company. That is, in a small scale company a digital marketing manager undertakes the role of search engine marketer. But if a large scale company needs a search engine marketer then they give it to the other company who has an expertise in search engine marketing. The job description of an SEM is to get the maximum number of leads and clicks, analysis, keyword research, bid management, testing the ad campaigns and ad copywriting.

The qualification also depends on the scale of a company. Small-scale companies highers a fresher. Whereas, large-scale companies ask for years of experience. The salary for this position ranges from 2-4 Lakhs.

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Executive

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Executive

One of the benefits of a digital marketing course is-after the learning- you will be able to attract free traffic from Google rather paying to Google Adwords. This digital marketing job description asks you to do a keyword research, user experience optimization, utilization of Google webmaster tools, doing page indexing, management of duplicate content and many more.

Usually, an SEO utilizes SEO tools such as MOZ Pro, Buzz Stream, Majestic, SEMRush, Screaming Frog, Woo Rank Plug-in, SerpStat, Ahrefs and Linkminer. With these SEO tools, an SEO executive can make sure that their website will reach the top rank in the search engine.

The digital marketing career scope of an SEO executive is enormous in the market. A certification in digital marketing will get you a salary between 2-4 Lakhs. On the other end, experienced candidates can get as much as 30 Lakhs per year.

8. Conversion Rate Optimizer (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimizer (CRO)

A conversion rate optimizer or a CRO bears the responsibility to increase the conversion ratio in the stages of a marketing funnel. But it’s not the only job a CRO plays in digital marketing. CROs collaborate with different departments of digital marketing to get positive results. To get maximum results, CROs utilize various tools like Visualize where your visitors click which give an explanation on visitors behavior pattern. Similarly, Optimizely assists CROs to understand the colors and texts which are helpful to get the maximum conversion rate.

9. Copy Writer

Copy Writer

Copywriters too collaborate with a lot of individuals of the digital marketing team to achieve success in the digital marketing campaign. A copywriter assists numerous individuals from the team such as assisting search engine marketer to write convincing ad copy, assist social media manager to post impactful words on social media. But this position is dependent on the scale of a company. If a company is a type of small-scale then a CRO handles the responsibilities of a copywriter.

The salary of a copywriter varies from 3-6 Lakhs depending on experience in copywriting.

10. Web Analytics

Web Analytics

While deciding a career in digital marketing, you will definitely find web analytics an interesting job description. It is because this role in digital marketing deals with the systemic analysis of the behavior of visitors to a specific website. Companies utilize web analytics to estimate and examine site performance to focus on key performance indicators and propel their business. The salary of a web analyst varies from 4-13 Lakhs depending on the experience of the candidate.

11. Growth Hacker

Growth Hacker

This career option in digital marketing assists startups to achieve a rapid growth in the initial stages. A growth hacker is so dedicated to growth that their strategy, tactic, initiatives are only concentrated to achieve growth. With the help of growth strategies which are tested, hypothesized and prioritized, help to check what will work and what won’t. By this thorough analysis a growth hacker to attract maximum traffic and visitors, they convert visitors into users and conserve them.

A growth hacker earns between 3.60-12 Lakhs. There are various growth hacking tools beneficial for growth hackers which can help hackers to grow businesses and achieve success.

12. Startup Founder/ Internet Entrepreneur

Startup Founder/ Internet Entrepreneur

It is one of the best and an exciting career option in digital marketing. A startup founder or an internet entrepreneur gives you an opportunity to become your own boss. After a detailed knowledge about digital marketing, you will have endless opportunities to achieve success. You can also hire experts such as a digital marketing manager, a content writer, a graphic designer, and a web developer to assist you to promote your venture on various digital platforms. A course in digital marketing will provide you with an outline for your business and will guide you to run your startup.

13. Blogger


One of the appealing careers among youngsters nowadays is blogging. Blogging is related to digital marketing as you can drive traffic to your website, maximize SEO, advertise your brand and create a better relationship with consumers with the help of blogging. With consistent and clear content, you can solve problems faced by consumers. To broadcast this content you need to understand every aspect of digital marketing.

14. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketer

One of the exciting careers in digital marketing is, affiliate marketer. The process of an affiliate marketer is, you refer a product to the consumer, the consumer buys that product and you receive a commission as a part of that selling process. Companies who offer products and services online run the affiliate programs. You need to sign up for this program and receive a unique tracking link. By attaching this link on the product content to endorse the company’s site.

15. Drop Shipper

 Drop Shipper

If you want to start a business online and do not want to get involved in the hassles of keeping an inventory or a warehouse, then drop shipping is the best career option after completing digital marketing. You just need to collaborate with a drop shipper who will be responsible to deliver the product at the consumers given the address. But to get the attention of a consumer, you need to understand and learn digital marketing course which will work beneficial to you to become a successful drop shipper. After completion of the course, you will come to know the dynamics of digital marketing and utilize it for your maximum benefit.

You can also learn more about dropshipping from other successful dropshipping stores and get the motivation to start your own online business.

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