Welcome to the New Look of Google Search Console

Welcome to the New Look of Google Search Console

There are various tools available for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) such as MOZ Pro, Buzz Stream, Majestic, SEMRush, Screaming Frog, Woo Rank Plug-in, SerpStat, Ahrefs and Linkminer to optimize your website for search engine. As important as they are, they assist you to examine backlinks, keyword research, unlinked mentions, guest posting possibilities and SEO audits. But these tools are not equipped fully to assist you with everything. Accordingly, Google Search Console comes into the picture to help you out from this discrepancy.

To make Google Search Console more user-friendly, it has released its beta version after testing it on few users successfully. Google has clarified that it will transfer its features step-by-step from old Search Console to the new one. This beta version has brought refined search performance, index coverage, AMP status and job posting reports. This will bring cheer to people who do google analytics to adapt their website for Google search.

Let’s see what Google Search Console has brought for data geeks this time with a beta version.

Search Performance Report

This is the most adored tool by Search Engine Optimizers because it is useful for keyword research. The new beta version of Google Search Console provides you 16 months of data. Basically, it will give you a detailed report of the number of clicks, number of impressions, average click-through rate (CTR), an average position from previous 16 months. This has been the update everyone waited for. As the previous version of the search console allowed only one filter option for search type, query, page, country and device- the new version allows many options. That being said, 16 months old data will soothe to analyze long-term trends easily as well as empower year-over-year comparisons.

Google has acknowledged the years of requests from webmasters to increase data duration more than three months in search analytics. Now, Google has listened to these requests by providing access to 16 months old data.

1. Index Coverage Report

This report is the amalgamation of ‘index status’ as well as ‘Blocked Resources.’ Previously, Index Coverage Report used to provide you the information on web pages indexed by Google. Now, with the new Google search console, you will get a thorough report on indexed URLs, notification on possible problems, explanation on the inadequacy of Google to index that URL. The report is constructed on issue tracking functionality which notifies you as soon as a problem occurs and also assists you to solve that problem.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Job Posting pages

This updated console also focuses on execution search enhancements like AMP and Job Postings. Google notifies whenever it finds specific problems for AMP and Job Postings and authorize website owners to confirm newly fixed URLs. Previously, it did not have any method to request Google to reprocess the amended URLs. For that reason, it will be easier for you now to confirm a fix on various pages and Google will index those pages with high preference.

Also, as same as AMP report, this updated console will provide you with job postings report. That is, the job listings available on your website will be shown through Google for jobs.

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