SEO Update – Things that don’t work in SEO anymore

SEO update 2017 – Things that don’t work in SEO anymore

Hey whats up rankers My name is arpit and today I am going to tell you things that dont work in SEO anymore.

Google’s algorithm is evolving at a rapid pace. Some things that were super effective in the past are no more relevant now. if you are still doing some of the things that I will mention in this video then unfortunately it will not get you anywhere, In fact it might actually hurt your rankings so make sure you watch this video till the end. So, lets get started.

1) Keywords – Use them correctly

So there are 3-4 points regarding keywords that I will like to bring to your notice.

In my preious videos I have already mentioned how bad keyword stuffing is. Over the years google has inclined towards Latent semantic indexing (LSI). For those who are not aware about LSI – it is a mathematical method used by Google to determine the relationship between terms and concepts in the content of your webpage. LSI looks for synonyms & related words mentioned in the title of your page. For example if the title of your page is ” How to be healthy” then search engines will expect to have words like fitness, strenght, well-being, workout, nutrition. You get the idea right.

I have mentioned a tool in the description section that can help you find LSI keywords for the topic. of your webpage.

Also another thing stop listing down raw keywords in title tag of your web page I know this is a very effective technique and it has worked wonderfully in the past but if your title tags look spammy and they just dont convey any reason for the user to click then why will anybody click and we know this for a fact that click signals are becoming an important factor for Google.So I suggest you should rather write your meta tags like adwords ad copy, sure put some keywords in it but more than that focus on branding and getting that click.

A bonus tip stop using keyword meta tag nobody is reading them except your competitors You are actually giving away your keyword ideas, so make sure you are not doing that anymore.

2) No more dedicated page for each keyword variant

Guys you no more need a dedicated page for each keyword variant you want to rank for. This use to work in the past very well however now you can target your keyword and all its variants on a single page. Lets look at an example.

A web design institute will have keywords like
Web design courses
web design classes
web design training
web design institute
web design coaching

Now you dont need a dedicated page to target all these keywords… The intent for all these keywords is the same user is looking for web design institute so you could simply target them on a single page and work towards building the overall authority of you website.

3) Exact Match domain

For quite a while it was possible to rank in the top 3 positions with literally no backlinks in any niche you can dream of through exact match domains. However, to counter this on 25 October 2012 Google made it official no more free lunch for Exact match domains. Google launched a filter in the ranking algorithm preventing poor quality websites to rank simply because they had words that matched search terms in their domain names.

Also what I feel users associate EMD’s with spam Imagine this if you search on Google buy car accessories in pune and you see a domain with the exact terms would you click on it or would you rather click on something like maybe a better name but what I am trying to say is focus on Branding I am sure you will get more clicks. Let me know what would you click on in the comment section.

4) Anchor text on internal links

Folks if you are still spamming your anchor text, giving internal links on your raw keywords I suggest dont do it. It will not take you anywhere.
Anchor text and internal linking should be used naturally and the focus should be on adding value for your users and not search engines.
Internal links are most useful for establishing site architecture and spreading link juice and that is exactly what you should use it for so dont abuse it.

5) Poor off page activities

Every single one of these off page activites that I’m about to mention has either been directly penalized by Google or penalized as part of an update.

i) Directory submissions – Generic directories or directories built only for SEO purpose. Stay away from such directories

ii) Article submission – So if you can push an article without any editorial review just to create back links then this would add no value especially article blasts

iii) Blog commenting – this could be dangerous guys, If you genuinely want to comment then focus on building relations and not links

iv) Reciprocal links – for obvious reasons

v) Article spinners – So if you are using synonyms and changing your articles here and there and then republishing them. It will probably not work anymore you have very high chances of getting caught in panda

vi) Private link networks – Just run away from them guys.

Also a lot of people ask me should we buy links from fiverr or some guy in a forum trying to sell you links. Just say no guys you will be better without it.

So now your aware about some old school seo techniques that just dont work. Incase you are thinking then what actually works in SEO. you can click on this video about 5 most important ranking factors in 2017.

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