Master Keyword Research – Setting New Standards for SEO – (Tools, Tips & Process)

Master Keyword Research – Setting New Standards for SEO – (Tools, Tips & Process)

Hi, guys, I am Arpit. Today’s video is about Keyword Research. Now we all know that how important keyword research is if you want to become a successful digital marketer.

For this reason, I bring you my process, plus some of the best tips and tools for Keyword Research that I know of. Some of these tools that I am going to show you are very powerful and can help you take your Keyword Research to next level.

So there is a Template that I follow for effective Keyword Research. You can download this template later, the link is in the description.
Now if you look at this template it has 6 columns as following
Download the Keyword Research Template –
CTR Opportunity
As we go along this video I am going to walk you through an example, fill up this entire sheet so you guys can understand better.
So we will start with the first column that is Keywords
Generally what I see Is marketer only use Google Keyword Planner to find new keywords. I believe Google keyword planner should mostly be used as a tool to check search volume….your keyword ideas and business research will mostly come from other websites.
So I suggest you use all the other sources to collect keywords that people use to find your business. To do this effectively- Start with thorough business research and acquire domain knowledge as you go along.
Now I am going to give you some tools that can kick start your keyword research

1) Answer the public ( )

Now this is an amazing tool it tells you what questions do people ask about your business or any topic you put in. This tool gives you one pager simple visualisation of data so you can have a quick overview of how you can start answering your audience better.

Like if I put here MBA, select location, India is not available as of now, hit entre

And then click on data

Now you can see it has 156 questions starting from Why MBA, Which MBA, What MBA, who, when, how
Then it says 126 prepositions…..MBA without, with, versus.

So you see guys this is a very effective tool if you want to gain some extra traffic by answering some of the most popular questions asked by your target audience.

2) SEO Chat Suggest Tool ( )

Next up I have a very smart tool called suggest tool by seochat. We all know keyword research is incomplete without Google suggestions. When you write your topic on Google let’s say MBA it will suggest you other related searches. SEO chat suggest tool helps you do just that. In one go it will suggest you keywords for 4 very popular sources Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube and the best part is it will do it for each letter in the alphabet. Like you see here.

Also if you are doing keyword research for a product then Amazon suggestion will be very useful for you.

3) SEO Book Keyword Density Checker ( )
Next in line is a tool from seobook called keyword density checker. This tool can quickly give you some insights about your competitors keyword strategy. All you need to do is put your competitors URL here and it will show you their keyword density. Like for an example I will put the URL of my affiliate marketing course here and it will show me my page title, meta description, total word count,
And then you can see 1 word repetition, 2 word phrase and how many times it has been repeated and similarly 3 word phrases

4) Buzzsumo (
At No 4 is Buzzsumo. This tool can help you craft the perfect title for your content. Content can be in any form like a blog, an infographic, a video, a social media post, an email template etc. Buzzsumo can help you find what content and titles performs better for any topic. Like while making this video I typed in Keyword Research here to see what kind of titles are performing better. This tool can give you some ideas about how you can creatively put your keyword in the title and at the same time make appealing titles. This can help you increase your CTR significantly.

5) Blogs Forums
At No. 5 I want to give you a quick tip. Blogs and Forums are excellent sources for you to get started. Blogs can help you understand your domain better whereas in forums you can observe how your target audience interacts. Blogs and Forums are also good for finding LSI keywords. For finding some blogs Go on Google and type in your topic like I type here SEO as an example then put + symbol and then type in Blogs…….This way you can quickly find some blogs and start researching your topic…… Similarly you can also find forums. So instead of blogs just write forums and you are good to go.

6) Pinterest, Quora and Wikipedia

Some other sources good for inspiration and keyword ideas are:-
1) Pinterest – You can look at these suggestions. Sometimes these can be very helpful for inspiration and thinking out of the box.
2) Quora – You can also look at Quora. It is particularly good for knowing how your target audience interacts and what kind of questions do they have.
3) Wikipedia – Wikipedia is another source for great research. It can help you gain domain expertise and also help you find some LSI Keywords.
4) Another pro tip – you should ask your customers plus other stake holders how they find your business. You should also think of queries that your prospects would write on search engines. I am sure these tips and tools will help you collect a lot of keywords. We will now move to our 2nd column.

The 2nd column is Volume
In this step you can simply open up Google Keyword Planner and then select the 2nd option Get search volume data and trends copy paste your keywords found through step 1. Choose appropriate location. Like for these keywords all locations is fine. Then hit entre. Now you should see search volume for all your keywords just copy paste it in your excel sheet.
The 3rd column is difficultly.
In this step we check how difficult is it to rank a keyword on the 1st page of Google. I like to denote difficulty by High, Medium or Low. To check the difficulty level for any keyword I have some simple tips for you.
1) Your 1st clue should be competition tab present in Keyword Planner. Even though the competition here refers to paid ads however one can also infer the competition for organic rankings will also be high.
2) 2nd thing that you should check is the about results. Generally if you see anything less than half a million or 5 lacks results the competition is low. Anything above 1.2 million or 12 lakhs I consider as high competition. However nothing can be said with certainty until you look at other indications. Let’s move
3) 3rd I am going to give you my 2 favourite search operators that can give use some really useful insight.
1) Allintitle: then write your keyword. Like for an example I type here hair spa in pune
Now you can see about 79 results. This means approximately 79 websites have these words in their title as you can see here.
2) Similarly you can use Allinurl: and check how many websites have repeated these words in their URLs..
4) By doing the above steps you will gain a fair idea about keyword difficulty level. To take your research even further you should analyse the websites ranking on the 1 page of Google. I do this by the help of 2 extensions 1st is SEO Quake and the 2nd is MOZ bar. You can install these extensions they are absolutely free. Once you have them just turn them on. SEO quake gives insight about how many pages are indexed in Google and Bing, it shows you no. of backlinks for each of these websites, also tells you Alexa ranking and age of the domain whereas MOZ bar tells you PA – Page Authority and DA – Domain Authority these two can give you a fair idea about how strong a website is. This way you can analyse the strength of the websites ranking on the 1 page of Google for your keyword. This will also give you an idea how much work you need to do to bet that website.
5) You should also look at what type of websites are ranking. Like for example a portal, a directory, an ecommerce website, or social media pages, or multiple pages from the same website. The type of websites ranking on a keyword can affect its difficulty level significantly.

Then we jump to our next Column Click Opportunity
Click opportunity means how good do you think are your chances of getting a click even if you rank on the first page of Google. So when you search your keyword on Google you should check how does the results look like do you see any search ads on the top, or do you see structured data which is now being shown on a lot of queries, or do you see any local listings they can also take away those precious clicks , you should also check if your competitors are using schema This strategy is often used by websites to get some extra clicks.
Based on your observation you should record the same in your keyword research template. Like you see here I have written search ads and structured data in this column as I could see the same for this

The Next column is Requirements
In this column I suggest you jot down all your requirements that you think will be necessary for you to rank this keyword on the 1 page of Google.
For Example You might have to create a Video because for some keywords Google will show videos in search results. Like if I type in keyword research tutorial you can see some videos here.
Similarly for the keyword – colleges accepting cat score 60 percentile
the requirements are In-depth Blog, Authority Backlinks & Fresh Content.
And the Final column is Time
In this column you should put the time that you think you will take to rank your keywords. Time should be estimated based on the difficulty level of the keyword, Requirements for the keyword and finally the resources you can allocate.
Generally speaking a High difficulty keyword might even take a year to rank
A Medium difficulty level keyword might rank in 6 months and a low difficulty level keyword might rank in 1 month.

So that was all for today guys. Links for all the tools shown in the video and the template are present in the description section. Hope you learnt something new today. I want to make so many more videos for you guys and consistently post content. Lately I haven’t been able to do that but I promise you guys I will pick up this pace and create high quality very useful videos for you.

There is a lot of time and effort that goes in making these videos. I will really appreciate if you subscribe my channel. Also like and comment on this video. Share it with people that you know it will be useful for.
This is Arpit Khurana signing off. See you in the next video.

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