LinkedIn Hacks That Nobody Told You – Get More Out Of LinkedIn

LinkedIn Hacks That Nobody Told You – Get More Out Of LinkedIn

Hey what’s up guys my name is Arpit. This week I decided I will make a video on LinkedIn. I did a lot of research, spent a lot of time on LinkedIn so I could find some really cool hacks, tips and tricks that will help you improve your LinkedIn game. I am going to show you some really awesome things that you can do with LinkedIn so make sure you watch till the end.
Now, LinkedIn is this incredible professional platform with more than 467 million members i.e. more than 46 corers members worldwide and in India roughly 4 corer people are part of the LinkedIn community.
So, this presents an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to do more with their professional life. Like if you are a marketer or a business owner you could use LinkedIn to grow your business through generating leads or brand awareness. If you are a student you can find jobs or you could speak to an alumni of a college you are thinking to join. If you are a recruiter then LinkedIn provides you with a bunch of solutions. If you have a business idea looking for an angel investor or you are looking for a mentor you can reach out to the right people get your message across in a very effective manner.

Let’s get started by taking up the most common question about LinkedIn. How to generate leads from LinkedIn.
For generating leads you need to find prospects. You need to identify your target audience, connect and engage with them. I am going to tell you a quick way to do that.

Hack number 1 – Quickly search entire LinkedIn for leads
Yes it is possible to search entire LinkedIn all you need to do is open up this link in a browser. Now if you do a regular search on LinkedIn you will not be able to see all the members on LinkedIn.
But what this link will actually do is bring up nearly all the members present on the network. Let’s look at it.
So I will copy paste the URL. This is how the page looks like. You can see all the profiles here. You can see here 4 hundred and eighty five million results. How this works is we are actually searching for a university named university or not university so actually what it does is, it does a search for everybody on LinkedIn who either have the word university or doesn’t have the word university that’s how it brings up nearly the whole network here.
And just not that we have this amazing search interface so you can precisely reach your target audience. You can filter people based on
Where they Live
Where they work
What they do
What they studied
What they are skilled at
How you are connected
This tool is so powerful it could be used in a number of ways like for market research, recruitment drives, head hunting, lead generation etc.
Let’s take an example
Let’s say you want to reach out to all the business owners in India. You’ve got some product or service for them.
You could simply select India from here and under what they do section you can select Entrepreneurship, and then guys this is very important make sure you always put a filter of 3rd + everyone else. This way LinkedIn will only suggest you people out of your present network. Ok so now you can see there are 11,25,000 odd results here
Now what you can do is start sending these people request to connect with you. This way you can build a highly targeted network on LinkedIn.
However, sometimes what happens is if you send too many connection requests then LinkedIn might show you this page. Where it will ask you – how do you know this person.

Now don’t worry guys, this calls for our hack number 2 you can totally bypass this page by simply adding these people through your phone.
So that link that I mentioned earlier, open it in the browser of your smartphone and login into your LinkedIn account.
Now I am going to select the same filters India, Entrepreneurship and 3rd+everyone else.
Scroll down here you will see the profiles.
For some good reason LinkedIn will not show you that page if you are doing it from your phone. You can see now I can simply send people request without any interruption.
This way you can build a large and a very targeted network on LinkedIn.
Now that you know how to build a strong network on LinkedIn let’s look at some ways in which you can reach out to these people and get your marketing message across.
So when you get into messages, here you will not find any option through which you can send a single message to all your connections.
If you click on compose a message. You will have to manually type the names of all your connections.

This brings me to our Hack number 3.
This hack will blow your mind guys but before I reveal this hack a small disclaimer please don’t use this to spam people and act responsibly. You will understand in a while why I am saying this.
So Did you know you could actually download an excel file with the contact details of all your LinkedIn connections. Now this could give you access to some really accurate database. Let’s see how you can do this
Under My Network click on Connections. Then click on this gear icon. Now here under advance settings you see Export LinkedIn connections, click on it.
Choose a format in which you would like to export this file. If you are on widows you can download .csv file.
Now let me just show you how does this excel file looks like. You can see the first name, last name, email address, company name and there job titles. So you see guys it is this easy to download all your connections.
Now you could use this database in a lot of different ways.
Like the emails could be used for Gmail sponsored ads or it could even be used for a Facebook campaign, under custom audience you get the option of uploading email lists. Also, another pro tip based on this email list, you can later on run a lookalike audience campaign to reach out to more such people. Both Google and Facebook provide the option of running a lookalike audience campaign.

Now let’s look at our Hack number 4 increase your engagement on LinkedIn.
Post VS update
Now you could either share an update on LinkedIn or you could write an article on LinkedIn.
I strongly suggest you choose the latter, publishing a post sends a notification to all your connections. So all your connections come to know that you have published a post. Now that’s really powerful guys. Publish content that is valuable for your connections and I am sure you will attract a lot of eyeballs.
In an article you could embed a video, image or a slideshow to make it more engaging. Posts are also indexed by Google and LinkedIn will show these posts when someone checks you out on LinkedIn, this way you could even get more connection requests. Also, make sure you publish a post in the morning this will help you maximize your engagement.

Hack number 5 Claim your custom URL.
You can claim your custom URL for LinkedIn. Then this link can be shared with people through your website or other social media channels so they can easily find and connect with you on LinkedIn. Let’s see how you can do this.

So when you are at your profile right under your picture you will see your custom URL. You can click on this gear icon next to it. Now you can click on this pencil icon and claim your custom URL.

Hack number 6 Ask for recommendations
Yes, there is an option in LinkedIn from where you can ask people to recommend you. This can work for you in a number of ways, like it can help you get a promotion, establish you as an authority especially if it comes from a renowned person , recruiters use recommendations to search out new candidates, or for whatever reason you are on LinkedIn I am sure recommendations will take you one step closer in achieving it. So let’s look at how you can do this.
So right under your profile you will see this down arrow. Hover over it and then you see this option of Ask to be recommended, below this you also see this amazing option of save to PDF, so you can download your entire profile from LinkedIn and then this could also be used as a Resume. However coming back to the topic I will click on Ask to be recommended.
So now you see here what do you want to be recommended for. I can see all the companies and universities I have been a part of so you can choose 1 from here.
Now you see Who do you want to ask, you can add up to 3 people
So these were some cool things that you could do to get more out of LinkedIn. If you guys know some more hacks put it down in the comment section so everybody can benefit from it.
If you like this video then hit the like button. Also share it with your friends who are into digital marketing. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. If you are watching this on YouTube then don’t forget to subscribe my channel. I will see you soon. Goodbye.

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