Top 6 E-commerce Platforms To Look For The Next Year

Top 6 E-commerce Platforms To Look For The Next Year

Entrepreneurs are always worried about their online venture and its future in the e-commerce arena. But the most daunting task they face is to get an e-commerce platform where they can establish their business and achieve success online. Although this job is not as easy as it looks. As e-commerce platforms assist new entrepreneurs to construct a digital store and operate a business online successfully.

In the online arena, various e-commerce platforms offer you to host your digital store but that does not mean all the available e-commerce platforms are worthy. This blog will give you vital information on e-commerce platforms that are vital for your business to grow and prosper in an online setting.

It is important to know that a correct combination of a business model and e-commerce platform can achieve sustained success for a longer duration. Having said that, we We brought to you top 6 e-commerce platforms to look for the next year to get growth in your online venture.

1) Shopify

One of the well-known e-commerce platform providers, Shopify has walked with new trends since its foundation in 2004 by progressing into e-commerce trends and technologies. It offers an uncomplicated setup, with a useful dashboard to attach products and modifies your site and many more. Amateurs who are eager to start their e-commerce store and expect traditional e-commerce solution can utilize Shopify to grow their business in the online environment.

You only need to sign up with your email address and proceed to your enterprise’s operations straight away. Shopify helps you to construct products with an intuitive interface. Additionally, it incorporates SEO aspects such as title and meta description.

2) Big Commerce

One of the best e-commerce platform which has hosted 55,000 stores since it started. That is the reason it is praised as an eminent e-commerce software suppliers. Big Commerce has served small, medium as well as large enterprises to start their e-commerce venture on the online platform. The website is user-friendly even for entrepreneurs who do not have any basic coding skills. Also, built-in aspects in this e-commerce platform allow effortless operations of the store.

3) Volusion

Established around 1999, Volusion has the expertise to host online stores. In its inception year, Volusion generated around $28 billion in sales. It provides a thorough website search as well as responsive themes while empowering you to edit as well. The unique selling point of this amazing e-commerce platform is it strong e-commerce and product management tools which allows rich text product descriptions, native fulfillment options, subscriptions options, loyalty programs and many more.

While its marketing options incorporate SEO aspects, social selling, marketplace integration for Amazon and eBay. Although many of them are only accessible on premium plans.

4) Wix

This e-commerce platform is popularly known as a website hosting platform by everyone. With a base of 110 million users worldwide, Wix claims to be a top-notch e-commerce platform with a knowledgeable experience in the website hosting services. It is popular to provide worthy services as well as help and support services. The e-commerce platform provides templates to choose from, so you can easily design your store and start selling.

Wix is build to make certain tasks effortless such as store manager which assists you in tracking orders, managing inventory and dispatching customer newsletters with a coupon code or sales. Without a doubt, Wix as an e-commerce platform provides amazing services without any inconvenience so you can create and grow your e-commerce business.

5) Squarespace

Squarespace is familiar to everyone as a website builder but it has made itself famous as the best e-commerce platform in the world. This is because Squarespace has incorporated its e-commerce functionality across every plan. Even with a basic plan, you can start selling your products. The e-commerce platform also considers your website and what it includes. If you are more content focused then Squarespace provides you the best plan it possesses to empower your online business.

With Squarespace, you can be assured that you will get a beautiful web store. It also gives you 20 templates which are easy to modify with the help of drag-and-drop editor provided by Squarespace.

6) Magento

This e-commerce platform provider resembles somewhat to WordPress. Magento is an open source software which is easy to download and install on your own servers. The best thing about Magento is, it enables you to take the total control of your web store. If you possess sufficient technical knowledge this e-commerce platform gives you the advantage to modify functionality as well as design, not to forget your own selected server environment.

Even if you lack the technical proficiency, this digital e-commerce provides you a demo from sales department then you are good to go! Having said that, Magento assists you to provide an effortless experience of e-commerce with the help of various features as well as options. Certainly, adapting to content provided by the user, membership subscriptions, recurring payments and discounts make Magento the best e-commerce platform for startups.

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