Top 5 tools from product hunt October 2018

Top 5 tools from product hunt October 2018

Not long ago, Product Hunt was merged in a startup focused company named AngelList. From thereon, Product Hunt has shown an impressive incursion of passion as well as innovation for new products. Product Hunt is an online platform for new startups and for enthusiasts who are eager to check new products. There is an interesting update from the platform which enables users to share and find new products is that anyone can add a product with a Product Hunt account. Previously, certain users such as Silicon Vally startups used to get algorithm boost. This update will give everyone an equal opportunity to publish new products.

Certainly, this platform is useful for digital marketers to gain more tools in their arsenal to achieve success in digital marketing campaigns. For this reason, we provide you the top 5 tools from Product Hunt in October 2018.

1) Remove Vanity Metrics

This tool is utilized by social media marketers to manage the performance of the social media campaigns. Remove Vanity Metrics calculates page view and social media likes. It also conceals some unnecessary information such as favorites, likes and followers from your social media account feed and allows you to focus on content.

2) Mindstamp

Startups and businesses can utilize this tool to create interactive videos by attaching interactive notes, questions and personalization. Mindstamp allows users to add inline text, voice and video notes to describe the context of the video. Because of its unique features such as personalized text and video greetings, it increases the response rates of videos to a higher level.

3) Snap Camera

Snapchat has brought a cool software suitable for both Mac as well as Windows which heightens reality effects to bring you an amazing experience to your video streaming and calling services. This software adapts to your webcam and you can utilize as a camera output in Skype, YouTube, Google Hangouts, zoom and many more.

The tool has been created in such a way that users can create and add their own effects. Snap Camera also provides you with Twitch -which is a social video platform for gamers– and creates a feasibility of spreading and making lenses popular on the platform, seems a digital marketing masterstroke by Snapchat.

4) Clipsa

If you are enthusiastic to create video selfies, this tool will give you an amazing experience while taking selfies. Clipsa also provides you the control to increase or decrease the speed of motion effects. You can share your video selfies with your friends as well as save it to your camera roll.

5) Scoops

Marketers, as well as content writers, get a lot of ideas in a day. But they do not know how it will be real in terms of the market. Scoops provide an online platform where you can test your ideas with the help of market research funnel to validate your ideas. This tool is definitely advantageous for people who want to ratify their predictions about the market. An expert panel and follow up questions, interviews from the platform remove any doubts you have about your million dollar idea.

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