Top 5 Emerging Trends In Digital Marketing 2019

Top 5 Emerging Trends In Digital Marketing 2019

The dawn of 2019 is here. After a month, we will cheer and welcome the new year. But what does it mean for digital marketing? My students constantly ask me about the future of digital marketing in India. Looking at the current trends in digital marketing, the future of digital marketing looks very bright in India. You may have seen and abandoned the ideas of artificial intelligence or visual search as the imagination from sci-fi movies. But technology is at your doorstep and yesterday’s fascination is today’s reality.

Having said that, technology which was in the infant stages, now gaining momentum and getting a grip over the market. Enterprises aggressively making progress by leaps and bounds in the innovation department which is startling and changing the advertising business forever. Ergo, We have listed the top 5 emerging trends in digital marketing 2019.

1) Virtual and Augmented Realities

Today’s generation immerses itself into anything they like in- by heart and soul. This is the reason, the future of digital marketing lies in virtual and augmented realities. The need of customers can be satisfied greatly with the help of this new trend. There are companies who have understood the future and are already embracing this new digital marketing trend.

World-renowned furniture giant, IKEA has been romanticizing with the latest digital marketing trend from 2016 and it has achieved success to create a shopping application which provides virtual reality kitchen, IKEA virtual experience. This current trend gives the customers can check the customized kitchen. This latest digital marketing trend is becoming a new tool for digital marketers for branding.

2) Chatbots

This AI-based innovation utilizes texting to talk progressively, day or night, with your clients or site guests. With 1.4 billion individuals communicating with chatbots, 80% of savvy organizations are as of now utilizing or plan to utilize chatbots by 2020. What’s more, by 2022, chatbots will enable organizations to spare over $8 billion for every annum, particularly in the keeping money and medicinal services businesses.

Chatbots are more qualified to mobile purchasing as they convey the purpose of an offer to the client’s screen, while mobile applications guide clients to items, making a more extended voyage and accordingly diminishing the probability of a conversion. Ergo, chatbots make the future of digital marketing and it a better proposition for the companies embracing the new trends in the digital world.

3) Visual Search

Another promising future of digital marketing is visual search. Machine knowledge understanding is increasing its stake in online search. The importance of visual search can be seen by the interest shown by large enterprises like Google, Pinterest and Microsoft are keen to create interactive SEO and lead the market.

$3 billion images are uploaded on a daily basis in the online arena. This future trend in digital marketing simply find the objects in images and provides fresh results for similar images. That being said, the technology is still in its infant stage and it is yet to pass through the lenses of colors, shapes, sizes and patterns and identify them successfully same as the human mind does.

4) All Heil! Social CEO

Digital era has brought enormous benefits but it has brought some disadvantages as well. The most discussed as well as utilized as a weapon by numerous government agencies all over the world, starting a new information warfare- fake news. Big corporations are taking precautionary steps to avoid any confusion and damage done by fake news and voluntarily joining the online space.

Future of digital marketing in India lies in these top executives calculated moves as it will definitely help to build the company’s prestige, create trust and the corporation itself becomes more attractive to the prospective employees.

These days numerous platforms offer the top executives a voice to speak. Ergo, the new digital marketing trend is that the CEOs writing blogs on the company website, LinkedIn, tweets on Twitter. This trend will have the maximum chance to get more attention as people appreciate interaction with big shots to get information on various company matters.

5) Artificial Intelligence

Everybody talks in a frightened tone about artificial intelligence as it has been estimated that it will gulp the simple jobs and make people jobless in the future. But the future of digital marketing is bright with AI because it will analyze customer behavior and search patterns, capturing and using data from social media platforms and blog posts to comprehend the buying behavioral pattern of consumers. AI also assists customers by interacting with them and provide knowledge as well as tips.

Having said that, in recent history, it has been proved that chatbots exceeded the performance level than humans ever can. They possess wit as well as characters and give individual service to the customer in need. If you look at the similar examples, you will be assured that the new digital marketing trend will be AI, undoubtedly!

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