The Most In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills For 2016 in India

The Most In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills For 2016 in India

Being a digital marketer isn’t just about knowing how to post on social media platforms. It’s about far more than that. In the fast-paced business environment of today, apart from the basic skills of marketing, digital marketing experts need to strike a balance between creative and critical thinking skills that include knowledge of available platforms and a keen ability to identify new opportunities. Here’s a list of the 7 most demanded skills in 2016 that digital marketers in India must possess to achieve success.

1. Mobile Marketing
Mobile devices have phenomenally risen to prominence in the past few years and a surprisingly large number of businesses in India are not prepared for the mobile market. Their websites are not mobile ready, nor do they have any apps to engage with their customers. As a result, there’s a huge gap between the demand and availability of mobile marketing skills and to succeed, digital marketers of the future need to learn it real fast.

2. Content Marketing
When someone says, “Content is king”, they are not lying. Everything is content – images, blog posts, eBooks, infographics, videos – everything. Good content isn’t easy to get and it does not always come cheap. When done right, content marketing can help increase engagement, SEO, leads and ultimately sales in a big way.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is one of the least studied topic in digital marketing. It helps you test different versions of a web page to find out which version works best to draw attention of your audiences. In other words, it is the web version of the software A/B testing theory. If you truly want to be the most effective digital marketer, you need to learn how to start doing this more often.

4. Search Engine Optimization
The basics never go out of fashion. And in the case of digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) will never be an outdated skill to possess. It is extremely important for digital marketers to know exactly how elements of SEO like title tags, Meta description, and keyword density can benefit search rankings of their organization’s web presence.

5. Search Engine Marketing With Google AdWords
A digital marketer is incomplete without search engine marketing (SEM) skills and SEM is incomplete without Google AdWords. It is the essential component in reaching out to a highly targeted set of audiences. It can be quite complicated for a novice and can turn out to be really expensive if done wrong. But when done right, it is the most reliable way to drive highly targeted traffic, get relevant leads and generate sales effectively from digital platforms.

6. Facebook Advertising
Facebook advertising today is just as important as Google AdWords. Facebook’s sheer size makes it an essential component in any digital marketing strategy. Not only that, Facebook has the capacity to drive traffic that is just as relevant for any business as Google. And just like Google AdWords, it takes a while to understand how it works and how to leverage its full capacity for your benefit.

7. Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is very different from running Facebook ads. It’s about engaging the audience in a meaningful dialogue through content. This interaction between the audience and the brand must acquire a human touch, so that audience believes that the brand is truly interested in solving a real world problem for them and is not just another business with no personality associated with it. This humanization of the brand is a skill that few digital marketers possess and can prove to be a highly valuable addition to their skill set.

At NSDM INDIA, we closely work with each of our students to prepare them as digital marketers of the future. Our industry driven digital marketing course in pune is designed to emphasize on practical, hands-on knowledge that can only be acquired by working on live projects under the guidance of expert coaches who themselves have acquired experience over many years of working with top global brands.

So if you want to prepare yourself for a future in the field of digital marketing, make sure to include these skills in your training because only then you would be able to navigate the digital ecosystem of the future and achieve success as a digital marketer.

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