Rise of Affiliate Marketing in Pune

Rise of Affiliate Marketing in Pune

Are you using affiliate marketing as part of your digital marketing campaign? Acknowledged as the oldest business strategies, affiliates push sales campaign through references and recommendations and earn commissions in return. While mobile and email marketing have become long-term goals to drive business, affiliate marketing is the best way to save substantially on advertisements leveraging on free promotion.

Pune is turning into a heaven for digital marketers. With hundreds of start-ups launched every month, we tell you 5 reasons why affiliate marketing strategies are on a rise in the city’s digital space.

  1. Mobile – The Kingly Space

The mobile app-based businesses have shown positive growth in the last two years in Pune. Big restaurants, street shacks, and retail fashion boutiques promote their products and discounts through affiliates, helping them dig deeper into the smart customer population. Mobile marketing via SMS, WhatsApp, Snapchat Stories, and applications have a higher return on an action compared to emails. Affiliate marketing is all about being up-to-date and discovering powerful mobile advertising networks through news, chats and by connecting with media buyers.

  1. Attribution, not contribution

The latest trend in affiliate marketing is no longer about the volume, but about the quality of sales. The switch from contribution to attribution model can be owed to the growing complexities in partnership models. Attribution models remove the complexities related to multi-touch, multi-device platforms in addition to time-decay and location-based business revenues.

Now, affiliates get paid for multi-channel promotions with consistent returns thanks to attribution models. Multi-channel attribution affiliate marketing is here to stay.

  1. Long-term engagement with publishers

An important aspect of an advertiser affiliate’s success is the relationship shared with publishers. Long-term engagement with the publisher is the key prime mover in ensuring flawless affiliate marketing strategy that’s built through effective communication, multi-platform promotions, and new initiatives. Longer the relationship, better are the chances of launching new offers. Powerful publishers help monetize mobile traffic with high earnings per mile leveraged on statistics broken down to last bit- country, location, mobile device, OS and even to Facebook profiles.

  1. Building content assets

With every Google update, the content marketing becomes all the more relevant, and monetizing this aspect happens by integrating affiliate marketing. Gain trust and build a reputation through healthy, powerful content using list-building strategies. Drive traffic to the landing pages using an effective copy of the content, instead of advertising. It is cheap and way more effective.

  1. Building Authority sites

Building an authority site that is respected by market leaders help in expanding affiliate networking, is the way to go forward. Creating a high-value content using content farming in the authority site exclusively for affiliate sales is the most prolific trend in 2016. It is possible only by developing an authentic site that has quality content with positive user feedbacks. Frequent posting and networking drive affiliate sales through the authority website.

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