New Instagram Algorithm Changes (Updated)

New Instagram Algorithm Changes (Updated)

Since it has been established in 2010, the social media platform, Instagram has made major changes in its algorithm to serve users efficiently and effectively. Their algorithm changes have been consistent as well as balanced which are rolled out on every month.

Instagram has adapted algorithms to create more engagement with the users. After its adaptation, user engagement of Instagram users rose by 24 minutes per day from earlier 21 minutes per day.

The new algorithm update of 2018 has appeared to give the details of a question asked by Instagram marketing strategists on ‘how the Instagram algorithm works?’ Accordingly, in the early months of 2018, Instagram exhibited its intention by announcing its algorithm update to give a new experience of chronological order and freshness in the user’s feed.

This change came in the background of 2016 Instagram algorithm change which obliterated the chronological feed and gave a heavy concentration on post engagement.

Instagram is a unique social media platform which heavily counts on machine learning based recognition on your previous behavior to provide you an exceptional experience on your feed. There are three main components of a user behavior that are considered by Instagram algorithm while showing you the Instagram feed:

Three Factors affecting Instagram’s Feed Ranking Criteria

1) Interest:

Famously known as a visual platform, Instagram examines your interest in a post. It contemplates previous behavior on certain similar content and its machine vision analyzes the content of the post. Accordingly, Instagram recognizes your interest in the post and shows up at the top of your feed.

2) Timeliness:

The new Instagram algorithm will display newer posts. For this reason, it is highly unlikely you will see older post on your feed. The social media platform made this decision after last year’s fiasco when it was a new year and people were still getting the posts of Christmas on their feed. Hence, timeliness will play a crucial role in the ranking of posts on feeds. Social Media Marketers now on need to post more frequently (when the user is online) on Instagram to become visible on the user’s feed.

But that does not mean, you will be visible on the feed. You still need to produce content ‘fresh’ as well as ‘engaging’ because of the algorithm changes of 2018.

3) Relationship:

Instagram assess your engagement by likes, comments, messages and post tags with a post creator. This engagement will give Instagram an indication that the person you constantly engaged with falls into ‘friends and family’ category.

Apart from the above core factors:

There are three more factors which impact the new Instagram algorithm in ranking on the user feed:

4) Frequency:

Instagram examines your frequency in terms of using the app. If you constantly scroll the feed, the social media platform will display you the latest posts on your feed. On the contrary, if you seldom visit the app, then Instagram will prioritize on your likes and dislikes and will not show on your feed in chronological order.

5) Following:

This factor naturally shows you less content of every account on the feed if you follow massive numbers of accounts. Conversely, If you are following less number of accounts then you will be able to see more of their content on your feed.

6) Usage:

Instagram appreciates your time on the app. Its algorithm makes sure that if your posts usage is high then the social media platform will provide you with more related content. But if your engagement with the app is less then it will only show you some posts.

More Updates….

The launch of Nametags:

Instagram has started its QR code version to allow users to generate their ‘nametags’ which can be scanned by other users. Those users will receive your nametag pop up with follow button. Instagram is launching this new feature to give relief from the search hassles while searching for people or brands.

The launch of Longer Story Uploads:

Nowadays, you can create a story video on Instagram up to 1 minute. Although Instagram will still divide your 1-minute video into 15 seconds segments and will show a ‘stitched’ video. This feature will be helpful for users who are really interested in telling stories by creating videos on Instagram. The feature is only available for Android devices.

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