Impact of Live Video Streaming on Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

Impact of Live Video Streaming on Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

A few years from now, thinking of a digital marketing campaign without a video would be inconceivable. We are not talking about the age-old ad campaigns, but the one that has gripped the market like a magnet. We are talking about the live mobile video applications that gained prominence with the launch of Periscope. Since then, digital marketers have been juggling their resources and ideas to build live-stream contents, focussing on impromptu blogging and live reactions.

Here are 5 significant digital marketing trends we could not miss, revealing the sizeable impact of live video streaming:

  • Review, chat and promote

Interacting on a real-time basis on various social media platforms became the trend with the broadcast to the million millennial, using live chat through iPhone and iPad. Twitter was the first to leverage the concept of live video-streaming, acquiring Periscope for $100 million. Many big companies now acquire social live streaming app developers to build a head start and gain momentum on Twitter, instantly reaching out to 7.5 million Twitter followers.

  • Humanized marketing like never before

Facebook and Instagram, without a doubt, brought the marketing gurus to their feet, with them trying to figure out the impact of images and the recorded videos on customers. However, live video streaming is all about placing the cherries as they are picked. No editing or cropping. Focusing on reality, the latest trend in live video apps reveal the changing dynamics of human engagement, that calls for “no more veiled” culture.

  • New ways to connect with customers

Live video streaming is the current trailblazing platform to showcase what’s in and what’s not. Best marketers are leveraging on the live platform to share breaking news, product launches and promote micro-contents. Broadcasting of conferences and trade shows on live streaming platforms has managed to promote e-commerce strategies related to flash sales and demonstrations.

  • Hiring spree

With the advent of live streaming apps, the hiring market is buzzing with regular updates on new openings for interns and fresh graduates. Snapchat stories are turning into an interview platform, where a leading food ordering start-up in the USA asked its followers to apply through the app itself.

  • Reveal your intentions transparently

NASA, though a not-for-profit organization, used Google Hangouts to target space researchers and interested audiences, enlightening them about their recent flurry of new discoveries, upcoming opportunities and above all, new projects. Live video streaming from NASA that got the maximum response, was the one that showcased the pros and cons of taking up an astronaut’s job. Many big companies took the cue and made successful campaigns with live streaming.

With so much happening in the real-time streaming, it is evident that digital marketers have more to deal with than what their current skills can control. The size of a business notwithstanding, embracing live video streaming to promote your product is the unchallenged frontier in social media marketing.

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