How to Personalize Emails with Clever Data Mining

How to Personalize Emails with Clever Data Mining

Emails are now a successful marketing channel, and making them speak the language of business invariably asserts dominance in the segment. Now is the age of personalized emails where you can use all the data about customers into fair engagement and earn advantage with the right framework. Online marketing courses focus on important factors when it comes to developing a solid email marketing strategy revolving around personalised mails.

Personalized emails have a lot to do with the way a customer or a potential client interacts online. From tracking the shopping history to understanding the reasons for cart abandonments, personalised Emails ask everything in a friendly and interactive way.

Here are few enticing features of personalized mails that Email marketers are using now.

Personalise Business with Data Mining:

Personalisation of Email is not an exclusive project. Email personalisation project involves integrating data mining with your brand. It is not just limited to how you churn and use customer’s data. Data mining for Email personalisation can dig information related to:

  1. Use of credit cards for Online Ecommerce, and find patterns of shopping
  2. Mobile/ internet/ telephone use pattern
  3. Places the customer prefers to visit, shop, trip and dine

Find a pattern from data and personalize the Email accordingly – online marketing courses do exactly that.

Track customer experience with every mail:

Emails personalisation has deviated from the traditional sales forecasting strategies. Experiments were conducted in Pune to examine the customer experience based on their purchase pattern, demographics and psychographics of customer profiles. A customer opens a particular type of mail when it carries any message on sales forecast. Similarly greetings, discounts, webinars and market updates are Email categories that help track customer experience.

Customer’s Social Engagement:

Looking at the mere traffic, it is apparently clear that social engagement offers many more benefits than traditional Email ads. Personalization of Email necessarily involves integrating social media as part of “push marketing” where social profiles give more clicks and ad conversions. Internet courses highlight and extensively discuss on how personalised Emails with social media elements ensure your message is not just heard, but also acted upon.

Extending the Human Touch:

Email subject lines with “name/ profile, location, actions” of the customer have been observed to enhance conversion rates in the long run. Personalised emails assimilate customer’s data to engage in conversation. A personalised introduction with customizable graphics suiting the personality of the customer extends the purpose of Email with flair. Adding a media file, favourite song or a jingle from the advertisement are other miscellaneous ways email marketers and designers explore to improve conversion rate per 1000 mails.

Real time targeting with cross-channel promotions:

Digital marketing courses on e-mail personalisation dictate why mails should be customer centric. Whether the mails are made to respond to website query or a mobile app interaction, real-time targeting significantly improves cross-channel promotions across multi-channel platforms. Personalisation also packs in cool bundle of widgets in addition to dynamic content with consistent experience across website, email and mobile applications.

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