How to become a T-Shaped Marketer in 2018?

How to become a T-Shaped Marketer in 2018?

Considering the growth rate and demands in the digital marketing landscape, by the time you complete reading this blog at least two digital marketers will be recruited. There are more than 1.5 lakh vacant digital marketing jobs in India in 2018 waiting for the perfect fit. Although, digital marketing is practiced on a huge scale on the current date, there is seemingly a huge skill-gap observed in applicants for these profiles. The knowledge base of a fresher or a mid-level is put to test in a pattern, where many of them cannot get through. The hack to industry expectations is T-shaped Marketing, you will learn why.

Buffer’s T-shaped Marketer framework

T-shaped Marketer framework instructs you to imbibe a wide breadth of basic knowledge across many overlapping disciplines and simultaneously work on deep knowledge, experience, and ability in one or a few fields. The Buffer’s T-shaped Marketer framework quenches all possible curious queries related to T-shaped Marketing. The width of this marketing framework is further classified in three stages:

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1.Base Knowledge:

These are the first and foremost skillsets a marketing professional is expected to master. This stage is recommends sound knowledge on Behavioural Psychology, Storytelling, Data & Analytics, Research, Design & UX, and Branding & Positioning. This is basic foundation for a person to build himself as Digital marketer. As he grows these skills should improve consequently for him to make the best of the skills he further acquires.

2.Marketing Foundation:

These are range of subjects whose least of execution level knowledge is essential in most of the Digital marketing functions. This stage suggests non-exceptional mastery of skills listed as Copywriting, Sketch, Canva & Wireframe, A/B testing, Video, Statistics & Excel, Funnel Marketing, HTML & CSS and Customer Experience. Most marketers today rest at this stage only and just manage to survive as this allows you a stability minimum in your career.

3.Channel Expertise:

This stage constantly updates its skillsets according to marketing demands and a profiles personal expertise and interests. You can choose from Business Development, CRO, Email, Events, Community, Content, SEO, Social Media, Partnership, Multimedia, Paid Ads, PR and Viral. A decent knowledge of all these skills is significant though you have to pick one or two skills to dig deep and master it wholly.

MOZ’s T-shaped Web Marketer Framework

Sorted and simple framework by MOZ effectively helps us understand the overlapping skills and a detailed depth of knowledge you should achieve with a relevant example. Enhancing knowledge in basic overlapping disciplines along a wide breadth inclusive of Email, PPC, Display, Video, HTML, UX, SEO, Social Media, Community building, Blogging and Content. SEO as a reference they briefly present to us the extend of knowledge a candidate should have in order to reep the benefits of this framework.

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The T-shaped Marketer 2018 Version by Growth Tribe

The latest framework revised for 2018 suggests a width of knowledge in Front-end code, Service Design, Wireframing, Behavioural Psychology, Branding/Storytelling, Stakeholder Management, Web Analytics, CRO, Experiment design, Funnel Marketing, Automation/API’s, AI and Machine Learning along all Digital Marketing modules. You can choose your area of specialization according to interest and skills. In 2018, Growth Tribe suggests to choose Content Marketing and Lifecycle Marketing as skills to have a deep knowledge in, which will be fruitful as per current market scenario.

The T-shaped Marketer 2018 Version by Growth Tribe Picture credits –

Hopefully the references and stats of T-shaped marketers help you build a strong foundation of your knowledge base and explore your core expertise. It will be a bliss for us to hear your success story with T-shaped marketing. Cheers to that fellas!

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