How Prepared Are You for the Upcoming Google Algorithm Update in May, 2016?

How Prepared Are You for the Upcoming Google Algorithm Update in May, 2016?

The ranking algorithm is getting itself an update. There is a latest Google algorithm update on May, 2016. Google has announced this change to set a focus on the mobile versions of any website and how friendly they are to the users. Now, the question is whether the website is equipped enough to tackle the update planned by Google. This will also require the users to learn Google Analytics and brush up their knowledge to find out ways to make the websites mobile friendly and get a top ranking search.

Although it has not been officially announced, Google is expected to share the update by the first week of May 2016 and roll out the updates gradually over time. The update will enable the users to find more pages that are more mobile friendly and relevant to the search requested for.

The announcement about this ranking algorithm update has already put many of the website owners in a fix. The websites that are not responsive friendly might feel the heat and get affected in the search results soon. In comparison to the desktop friendly websites, the ones that are relevant to the search query and location friendly will appear in the search results easily. It should be noted that there are no particular level of mobile friendliness in the new algorithm.

Would it affect you?

It will be critical for websites that are not mobile friendly yet with their high quality content to even out with the ones that are already ready with their mobile websites. It would be ideal if the font size is small, there is enough reader-friendly content and the links are kept in close proximity to each other. Having these will ensure that the change in the algorithm benefits the website more than others.

To ensure that the websites are able to feature themselves in the top searched websites, it will be essential to learn Google Analytics from experts at NSDM India and develop their content and website features according to the new updated version of the ranking algorithm.

After having invested in making the website appear in top search results, not having relevant content and a mobile friendly character to itself, it may lose out on the game easily. To keep the ranking safe, it will be better to do a check first and proceed accordingly.

1. Check whether the existing website is suitable to have a mobile friendly version or not. There are tools to check and follow the suggestions.

2. The mobile friendly guide developed by Google can also help in understanding the requirements and turning the website into a responsive one.

3. A sanity check to ensure if the site has followed all the rules and guidelines of being responsive website will help.
One of the key benefits that one can get through the new update is to have a continuous positive impact on the website. Using Accelerated Mobile Pages is highly recommended by experts. Google is known to use over 200 ranking signals that may not guarantee any increase in the rankings. With Accelerated Mobile Pages, the mobile web and the distribution ecosystem can be improved.

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