Five SEO Tools to Optimise Keyword Search

Five SEO Tools to Optimise Keyword Search

A common necessity for a business of any size is a website. And to run the website successfully, high quality content with proper usage of SEO optimized keywords is important. For any social media marketing expert, it is important to use the right tools to find the relevant and highly searched keywords and develop relevant content to receive traffic to the website.

Few good tools that can boost the keyword search program are listed below:

1. SEM rush:

This tool helps the user in getting an idea about the different keywords that are used in the user’s website and the ones that are used in the competitors’ websites. The information is analysed and the keywords required for a website are optimized. The advantage of using this tool is the availability of the list of keywords that are used for a particular website, tracking the competitors and the results of using each keyword. SEM rush is known to be a perfect tool used for SEO keyword optimization and can be immensely helpful if a paid advertising campaign is planned.

2. Google Adwords: Keyword Planner

Touted as the oldest way to find keywords suited for a business, this SEO tool suggests keywords when the SEO experts enter the required terms. The suggestions come with a description of the difficulty level in ranking a keyword. Whenever a word in entered into Google for search, the results are usually a list of long tail suggested keywords of the word and usually start with it. To track the other suggestions that might be useful or are related to the word searched to the searcher might be listed below and will require him/her to scroll down to the end.

3. Long Tail Pro:

How about a SEO tool that can accessed for free in the first 10 days? Long Tail Pro is a SEO tool that helps in analyzing the competitiveness of a particular keyword. The tool analyses with the help all kinds of relevant information and the metrics before giving any results between zero to 100. Zero refers to no competition while 100 indicates very strong competition. It also helps in generating keywords for terms that are fed into the software. There may be as many as 800 suggested keywords, number of backlinks and final 10 results for one term.

4. Alexa:

Alexa is best known for offering any user the traffic score of any website. However, Alexa is used to witness all the keyword related queries that help in getting traffic to the website, the details of how a particular website is receiving traffic, keywords that achieve the maximum relevant search, etc. The keywords with less traffic are also listed. With Alexa, one can also find the list of high impact keywords, keywords used for marketing activities and the ones that can challenge a competitor website.

5. SEO Cockpit:

The advantage of this tool is the power to analyse 200 keywords every minute. The speed of analysing the keywords within sixty seconds is what attracts most of the SEO experts to use this tool. It helps in analysing multiple websites in a single go.

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