Digital Marketing course review by Tanuja Malvadkar

Digital Marketing course review by Tanuja Malvadkar

Harshit : Hi Tanuja, can you tell us about yourself?

Tanuja : Being a Pune based Fashion designer, I have completed my graduation in fashion communication achieving the top position in my course. With over 5+ years of experience I have been working as a stylist, designer, production head and creative head in the field of fashion. With passion towards the world of glamour I had my own designer studio “Transvogue”. With a strong hand in the field of graphics, today I am a creative head at one of the pune’s leading designer Nivedita Saboo for past 2 years.

Harshit : What made you pursue Digital Marketing & why NSDM INDIA?

Tanuja : Being a fashion communication expert made my journey a lot more enthusiastic but with the craze of learning and exploring digital medium provoked me to upgrade myself in the field of digital marketing.
While going through a lot of websites and brochures for a short but yet effective course in digital marketing I came across NSDM India institute. Having a strong syllabus and urge to enhance the knowledge of the students not theoretically but practically, which is most important key factor in digital marketing, made me take my step to enroll in India’s finest institute NSDM India.

Harshit : What hesitation did you have before enrolling for the course & how were your problems resolved?

Tanuja : Having a fashion background and entering the digital marketing world where I had no clue of the terms SEO, Analytics, AdWords etc. made my feet shake, whether I am taking the right step to enhance my knowledge or it’s not my cup of tea. But having a very interactive session with the founder Harshit Gupta many of my doubts flew away, as he motivated my decision by explaining the pros and cons of digital marketing and how it would fit perfectly in my professional profile.

Harshit : What specifically was your favorite part of the course & why?

Tanuja : From day one the course has been very interactive and full of knowledge and fun. But the most favorite part of my course was learning Google AdWords, where we got a fair chance to involve practically in running a campaign and exploring various permutations ad combinations of the features available in the tool. It was fun understanding Google AdWords in depth.

Harshit : How would you describe your experience/Journey with NSDM INDIA? Would you recommend the course to others?

Tanuja : My journey with NSDM India started with a positive, motivated and enthusiastic experience which will not end but continue to grow with years to come. Having an expert mentor Harshit Gupta, who has been an extremely motivational support throughout the course, made me a confident digital marketer. Not only he gave us the knowledge that was required in the course, he also shared his valuable experience in this industry which motivated us a lot. Apart from the course our mentor Harshit Gupta also recommended me for freelance projects which added value to my portfolio.
Being grateful of what I have been given, I upgraded my profile to a next level and I would definitely recommend this course to whoever has an urge to explore digital marketing.

Harshit : According to you what value has Digital Marketing course at NSDM INDIA added in your career Life?

Tanuja : With mere knowledge of social media and graphic design skills I started my course with NSDM India which eventually turned over my career profile and added value to it. The upgraded knowledge of digital marketing gave me confidence to approach top recruiters in this field and was acknowledged positively.

Harshit : Equipped with Digital Marketing Skills, my future plans are

Tanuja : To explore my skills in the field of SEO, SEM, SMO, Adwords, Analytics enter the field of digital marketing full-fledged and fully skilled by gaining a lot of experience and practice. My future goal is to attain the digital marketing businesses with top position in next few years.

Harshit : Any suggestions you would like to share with other Digital Marketers?

Tanuja : My Suggestion to other digital marketers is simple.
The 3 P’s
Perceive – Practice And Progress.

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