Digital Marketing course review by Govind Chandak

Digital Marketing course review by Govind Chandak

Harshit : Hi Govind, can you tell us about yourself?

Govind : Hi Folks! I am Govind. I am a second year MBA student. I have joined Sokrati as a Buisness Analyst. I have done my internship with National Skills Development Corporation, GOI. Also I have been the overall co-ordinator of many big fat events in and around Pune city. Prior to this I have done my engineering and later I was working with Shapoorji Pallonji & Co.Ltd. I am in an eternal love with road trips and had a visit to many places in India. I believe “Success is a lousy teacher, It seduces smart people in thinking they can’t lose!” . I love to make friends and I am a foodie too!

Harshit : What made you pursue Digital Marketing & why NSDM INDIA?

Govind : Honestly, we can say that digital is the new future. We can see a lot happening around us which we can’t even notice. Being a student of MBA marketing, it has created an urge within me to give third dimension to my carrer.

NSDM is one of the premier institute in India.The way of teaching is phenomenal and the perfect blend of theoretical and practical experiences had made the journey even better.

Harshit : How is your experience working at Sokrati one of the best digital marketing agency in India?

Govind : My experience with Sokrati is fabulous. The work culture, environment and the responsibilities makes it a perfect place to work. With Sokrati, you are not just a book worm but you come to know what and how things happen in digital world. The best part here is you handle clients from all the verticals whether BFSI, E-comm, entertainment and what not which gives you an enhanced experience.

Harshit : What are the Challenges you faced initially when you joined the company?

Govind : My biggest challenge initially was to get hands on with the technologies we use here. Actually, there is no classroom training as such, everything is on the job so you face lot of challenges in the first month but I must say my colleagues were on toes to help me in times of need.

Harshit : As a Business Analyst at Sokrati, You ve been working with some of the Top Brands of the country, what is the most exciting part of your job?

Govind : As I have already mentioned, that I have clients from all the possible streams so the most exciting part is you get the experience of different verticals. Also its seems amazing when you see the advertisements you have created to be live in the digital world. We have a kind of start up culture that keeps you energized 24*7. I must say that with the experience of sokrati one can easily become an excellent performance marketer.

Harshit : Would you share some helpful tips that can help to become a successful performance marketer?

Govind : Success is just in mind but the very ground step is that you should always keep learning. Secondly, the most important part of performance marketing is your data. As it is aptly said that your data speaks and you should know how to listen it. So always keep a keen eye on your data because it helps a lot to take actions with respect to performance.

Harshit : Lastly, How would you describe your experience/Journey with NSDM INDIA? Would you recommend the course to others?

Govind : I honestly feel that NSDM have been a perfect fit which made me valuable, enthusiastic and creative as well. The support you get here even after the completion of your course is one you will not get anywhere else. I must say NSDM- Highly recommended!

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