Advance Program in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Learning from Global Leaders

IntroductionIn India, over 25 start-ups get created every day on an average. This implies the surfacing of more than 10,000 start-ups every year. These early age and matured founders want to stay but don’t know the way. I its important for your startup to reduce time to market and hence to revenue. You, as a startup, are into an era where it is crucial to be customer focused more than being product paranoid : to have a long term advantage.

Program Objective
Our program is in two parts, where the Level One baselines the strategies required to be a full circle start-up, with no loose ends. You would know each and every element of bringing a start-up to life and being on a fast track. A way to maximize opportunities and mitigating risks along with debunking popular beliefs of start-ups is what the level will make you reach.
Once you are done creating a strong foundation and road map, its time to choose the Level Two. The second phase will be based on exposition and augmentative models to create an execution plan for the founders and putting the critical pieces together on bootstrapping, essential elements strategies, organization development, marketing management and ultimately global scalability. You will be in a much stronger position to understand the consumer consumption process, create an uncontested market place and how to make your company investible by funding. After the phase two, we also give you certain value added benefits and opportunity to meet few successful start-up founders for advisory and relationship development.


Post Program Value Adds

Co-working space at attractive rental

Bootstrapping keeps you lean and focused, teach you how to allocate resources creatively, our co-working partners can help you bootstrap your company


Legal and compliances advisory

Legal and compliance are vital aspects of startups, our trusted partners take care of all the legal aspects of your company.

Legal and compliance advisory

Experience Opportunity with Start ups

Gain some real experience while working with startups before you start your own, we help you in getting employ-ability with startups

Start ups

Investors Management Specialists

Raising funds for a startup is a full time job they say, we connect you with the right people to help you raise funds.


Digital Marketing Planning and Execution Partnership

Digital marketing being one of our core expertise, we help you in planning your digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Planning

Business leads and revenue generation

Revenue generation is the primary function of any business, we connect you with the right prospects of your business.

revenue generation

Framework to choose mentors

Effective mentor ship can help you reduce your time to market and time to revenue; we help you find the right one for you


Identifying right incubators and accelerators

We connect you with the right accelerators that can help you jump start your business and scale it at a global level.

incubators and accelerators

Program Fees

We are total flexible with you!

Programs Branch Duration Course Fee
Base Module Deccan Branch(Weekend) 15 Hours INR 15,000/-
Advance Module Deccan Branch(Weekend) 20 Hours INR 25,000/-