Data Science Course in Nagpur

Data Science course in Nagpur is gaining momentum owing to the growing demand for data scientists, data engineers, data architects business analysts. These are among the most desirable jobs. With more and more companies adopting analytics and data-driven approach, it has led to a 45% increase in jobs and close to 97,000 positions related to analytics and data science are currently vacant.
India alone has seen an abrupt increase in demand for data scientists within the last few years. Considering the pace of advancement in this field, we can expect an even greater demand for data science jobs over the next few years. Relatively, there’s a growing demand for data science course in Nagpur.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a blend of various disciplines that uses a combination of different methods, tools and scientific techniques to uncover findings from sets of data. It encompasses everything from mining, understanding and explaining complex trends and patterns in the data to predicting behaviour.
It’s about uncovering hidden insights that can help companies make smarter business decisions. Data science professionals are a crucial part of a variety of organizations as they possess knowledge about business,
computer science, and statistics just to name a few.

Why you should Learn Data Science from NSDM INDIA?

NSDM INDIA’s Data Science Course in Nagpur is designed and developed by experienced experts in the industry and is specifically created for marketers, graduates from any stream, MBA students and non-coders. The course syllabus is precisely formulated from basic to advanced topics to make sure that even a fresher to Data Science can master the concepts easily.
The data science training in Nagpur is focused on 80% practical and 20% theory thereby providing our students with the most comprehensive data science course in Nagpur. We offer a blended model of learning which
includes both classroom and online training along with 100% placement assistance. We make sure our trainees are well equipped with the relevant skills to thrive in the industry.
Our course offers job-oriented and in-depth training. What makes NSDM INDIA one of the best data science classes in Nagpur is our hybrid learning approach. We believe in experiential learning and give our trainees a hands-on learning experience by giving them projects and assignments to develop their analytical skills, teach them how to manage and interpret large volumes of data and statistical techniques.

Growing Demand for Data Scientists

Top 20 Emerging Jobs In Data Science

top 10 emerging jobs in data science

Data Science Salary by LinkedIn

Data Science Salary by linked In

Who should Apply?

Our Data Science training with Python is beneficial for all aspiring data scientists. Whether you a are a Student? Or a IT professional/software developers looking to make a career transition into analytics.

Our Data Science Course is designed for:

  • Engineering Students
  • IT Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Management Students
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Professionals with logical, mathematical and analytical skills
  • Business Intelligence professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • Product Managers

Data Science Technologies and Tools

Key Highlights of our Data Science Program

  • 80% Practical & 20% Theoretical Approach
  • Get Access to Paid Tools
  • 100% Internship and Placement Assistance
  • Live Capstone Projects at the end of each Module
  • Career transition program by Stanford Business School alumni faculty
  • Certification and 100% Placement Assistance
  • Guest Lectures From Data Science Thought Leaders Global Standard Curriculum
  • Lifetime Access to Learning
  • Regularly Updated & Approved by Industry leaders

What You Will Learn?

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Python Package
  • Linear Algebra and Statistics for data science
  • Machine Learning
    • Data Pre-Processing
    • Supervised Learning
    • Unsupervised Learning
  • Deep Learning
    • Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines
  • Data Analysis and visualisation using Power BI
  • Live Capstone Projects at the end of each Module.

Careers Options for Data Scienctists

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist possesses a combination of skills. Data Scientists not only analyse and interpret data but also drive valuable insights from it. They use Machine Learning Models to solve complex problems in different business areas. Their foundations are deeply rooted in Computer Science, Analytics, Statistics, and Mathematics along with business knowledge.

Data Analyst

Data Analysts conduct analysis using data models, data mining, database design development, and segmentation techniques. They recommend new methods to accomplish company’s goals in the most efficient way. They are responsible for preparing reports and communicating effectively the trends, insights and predictions using only relevant data.

BI Analysts

BI Analysts identify patterns and trends that are helpful for business managers, executive and departments make decisions to improve company’s overall performance. The job of a BI analysts primarily focuses on analysing and reporting of historical data. They have to keep an eye on their competitors and help in improving their company’s competitive positioning.

Data Engineers

Data Engineers develop, construct, test and maintain databases and large-scale processing systems unlike a Data Scientist who cleans and organises data. They need to ensure that the data architecture fits the requirements of business stakeholders and data scientists. In addition to this, they develop data set processes for data mining, modelling and production.

Data Architects

Data Architects must understand and evaluate requirements of a business and then interpret that information into specific database solutions. They are specialists who adapt data flow management and data storage strategy to organisations. They are responsible for building, maintaining and designing business’s database. They work with database administrators and analyst to ensure easy and quick access to data.

What our students say?

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Frequently Asked Questions

MBA students, graduates and undergraduates from any stream can take up the data science course in Nagpur. The course is specially designed for non-coders so there is no need to learn programming languages.
After successfully completing your course you will be awarded with a certificate of completion from NSDM INDIA.
There’s a need for data science experts in almost every industry, not just in technology. After completing your data science course from NSDM INDIA, a lot of opportunities will open up for you. You will be eligible for the role of a data scientist, data architect, database administrator, data engineer, BI analyst or data & analytics manager.
The course duration is 4 months and the total fees for the program is Rs 49,999/- + Taxes.
At the end of the course we help our students prepare for interviews and give them complete industrial exposure. Given that the training is completed properly, and the profile is presented in a decent manner, we can assure 100% placement assistance.

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