Career Growth Prospects for Digital Marketing in India 2018

Career Growth Prospects for Digital Marketing in India 2018

By the year 2020, all the companies around the world will have a presence on the internet and that will consecutively create a lot of career opportunities. Hence, Marketing Technology is a progressive field. Research says that economy using digital platforms is growing 10 times faster than the traditional ways that engage in digital trading.

Digital Marketing industry has vigorously boosted in the last 5 years’ credits to giants like Amazon and Salesforce for expanding its applications. Hence we have a demand of over 1.5 lakhs digital marketing positions in 2018. In this rapid fast competitive world, a digital marketer has to constantly update himself according to latest techs and trends to assure substantial career growth, productivity, and efficiency.

Digital Marketing in India is majorly dependent on skills like:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Content Advertising and marketing
  • Image and Video Advertising and marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Client Servicing/ Account Management

Why there are Demands for Digital Marketing and advertising professionals in 2018:

The top industry investing in digital marketing operations is undoubtedly the core marketing industry. Besides, well ahead in the race is the Law Industry for content marketing and social media awareness. The Entertainment Industry is a huge well for social media advertising and blogging. Also, the Health Industry largely is expanding with digital marketing for reaching out to people. Food and Automobile industry wholly updating its marketing practices to digital platforms. Individuals with interest in these field and sound knowledge of Digital Marketing can mean a huge exposure to an aspirant.

Six reasons why Digital Marketing is the future and will not easily get out of demand are:

  • Cost efficient
  • Target Specific Audience
  • Monitored and measurable
  • Broadcast your Business
  • Endorsed by Followers
  • Better Conversion Rate

Digital Marketing Career Opportunities:

Digital Marketing industry is rapidly updating globally and as well as in India. The brands are constantly following data consumed across digital platforms. This has accelerated the recruitment of potential employees in the digital marketing sector rapidly. Industries are majorly hiring industry experts for managing their marketing teams. Also, for a fresh skillset and trend changing work profile, Non-industry experts are in demand. Disciplined, well-trained and good learner fresher is always hunted right for execution purposes.

The digital marketing industry is new and evolving and hence has its own style of growth. Industries recognize their needs and hire the best of the professionals and industry experts to optimize and manage their resources in the best way. A digital marketing candidate should have a better understanding of SEM and SEO techniques and a great knowledge of Social Media Platforms. Creative in producing of content for various social media platforms and curiosity of latest trends are essential aspects a candidate is judged on. Excellent communication and effective presentation skills are keys to growth in the industry like any other tech and marketing industries.

Besides, we are evolving in Digital Marketing technologies continuously. Marketing Automation and growth hacking techniques have to grasp in the industry to stay ahead in the race. It is recommended that a Digital Marketer has basic knowledge in development and design too. This way a profile is not bound to a specific operation as the insights such a profile can deliver are of utmost significance for a process.

Digital Marketing Growth Process

To start with an intern normally gets 7 thousand – 10 thousand per month depending on skillsets. The revenue growth pattern according to recent surveys in India depicts:

  • Entry-Level – INR 3,00,000 to 4,00,000
  • Mid-Level – INR 7,00,000 to 8,00,000
  • Expert- Level – INR 11,00,000 to 12,00,000
1. Fresher (Entry level):

Any graduate or post-graduate, in any field, with curiosity and calibre to explore the digital marketing functions and a basic knowledge of how the internet and social media platforms operate can earn from INR 25,000 per month in a mid-level to a large company. If it’s a start-up, the starting salary might be slightly lower at INR 10,000 to 15,000 per month.

2. Manager (3-5 years of work exp.):

A Digital marketing managers is mostly expected generally have specialisations like online media planning, content writing, client servicing, account management, SEO optimisation, Google AdWords specialist, marketing/research analyst, etc. Depending on the depth into their specialisation modules and at the same time manage to spread their wings far and wide into other digital marketing verticals out of sheer curiosity. Their salaries range from INR 7,00,000 to 8,00,000 per annum.

3. Senior Marketing Manager (5+ years of work exp.):

Senior Marketing Managers, VP/Head of Marketing are made progressing from being a digital marketing specialist/lead, digital marketing experts/professionals. They generally choose to shift into more management heavy profile as such after completing 5 years in the industry. Depending on the quality of experience and the companies they have worked for, their annual salary varies from INR 11,00,000 to 12,00,000.

Moreover, the scope of the digital marketer as a business owner is also vast. He can opt for these options when they are confident to manage functions themselves:

  • Digital Marketing Agency
  • E-commerce platform
  • Consultancy
  • Freelancing
  • Training Institutes

Digital marketing has tremendous demand and growth opportunities for aspirants. Also, the growth is much faster and scalable compared to any other role in business functions. Innovation and technological advancements are the fuel to this industry which is non-exhaustible. Hence Digital Marketing can undoubtedly offer you stability, professional satisfaction, and a decent lifestyle to grow efficiently well as a profile and shine prominently amongst a crowd.

A digital Marketer needs to be really dynamic because it is extremely important to stay updated with the latest trends and technology. You might think SEO is always about good backlinks and Social Media management is always been about good engagement. Yes, you are right, but what is always changing is the efficient ways to achieve the same according to the fast changing technology and trends. It is essential for a digital marketer to excel at socializing and understanding the client needs and interests. It is recommended to learn any new skill that can help your role be more independent and improve your communication skills to be more employable and also boost your own profile. You have to stay proactively hungry and curious as a digital marketer and lean back to see how well this industry will flourish with you.

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