Best 20 AI Tools Marketers Should Use In 2019

Best 20 AI Tools Marketers Should Use In 2019

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) is progressing in every aspect of life. Many enterprises have realized the importance of AI and utilizing it to their maximum benefit, while on the other end, many enterprises are still found no clue about this new technology.

In the case of digital marketers, AI technologies and platforms assist them to carry out a successful digital marketing campaign. They generate and remove focused content in a clever way. It also interacts as well as broadcast to the consumers on a personal level.

On a more broader level, digital marketer thinks like a human, always relying on their instincts to think about their next move. Whereas, AI tools provide you data backed content strategy than instinct within a short time frame and in a measured way.

That is the reason, we provide you the best 20 AI tools marketers should use in 2019 and create a successful digital marketing campaign.

1) Wordsmith

An outstanding AI tool for marketers who want to interact with their consumers on an individual level. Wordsmith exactly provides the path for an impactful as well as personalized content by considering everyone’s tastes. This AI tool is stationed for copywriting and content marketing as it has an expertise in the content generation process.

It has also its uses in creating product details for e-commerce websites, describing Tableau visualizations, specialized examination to each and every visualization, generating reports from data for various objectives and most importantly interacting with consumers on an individual level.

2) Concured

Many times content marketers face an eminent hurdle on what to generate next and to whom they should target. It is the world’s first AI-powered content strategy platform which helps to create a content strategy to increase the interaction with consumers. Concured utilizes Natural Language Processing, machine learning and deep learning to assist digital content marketers to audit, research, plan, distribute and follow the execution of content they produced.

3) Albert

Albert is a convenient AI tool for digital marketers which assists in the segregation of huge data at their disposal. This tool is helpful to strategize digital marketing campaigns as they meet all requirements of marketers. That is the reason, Albert rescues you during your campaign and saves vital time to concentrate on other aspects of the strategy.
The USP of this clever AI tool is adaptable to various media platforms, generates results on time based on consumer data and highly adaptable according to various industries.

4) Optimove

Digital marketers apply and constantly search for the various ways to interact with consumers and provide them an experience where they will be treated as special. In these technology-driven days, it is helpful to utilize emotionally intelligent interaction. Optimove is one of those AI tools which exactly fulfills your desired objectives. This intelligent AI tool has a predictive model which can be modified according to the requirements of clients as well as industries or the date provided to the digital marketer.

5) Nudge

In the middle of a campaign, it is bound to happen that you may not be able to create one-on-one interaction or an individual relationship with each and every consumer. This is an amazing tool which helps to generate one-on-one interaction or an individual relationship with each and every consumer in a structured manner. Having said that, Nudge has the capacity to assist you to connect with different consumers by creating appropriate strategies.

This outstanding AI tool has a specialty by which it examines customer history such as phone calls, emails and other data. As an AI tool, it finds the areas consumers are interested in. Nudge also revamps collaboration between sales and marketing.

6) Unmetric

Today’s social media marketing is a challenging task. Every social media marketer is on his toe to get ahead of the competition. That being said, social media marketers feel helpless when they see a lot of social media data and cannot make a head or tail of it. This is where Unmetric comes into the picture. This AI tool particularly emphasizes on social media and help in your social media marketing strategy.

It examines every social post, comments as well as likes on various social media platforms. Unmetric gives you a clear picture on your social media community and their say about you. Also tells about your rivals, their status and more vital information to revive your social media marketing strategy accordingly.

7) Uberflip

In digital marketing, content writing plays a vital role. Digital marketers try to create an engaging as well as impactful content, especially, in the form of a blog. It is not a part of the problem that viewers are pleased with your content but as a digital marketer, you need to observe the imbibing quantity of posts per session. It is important that every time they view your website, get fresh content. Besides, you need to take into consideration, the viewers requirement of content and its fulfillment.

These above worries are handled professionally as well as precisely by Uberflip. It generates catalog according to your blog history and it refers the blog to the viewers depending on their surf history on your website.

8) Sensai

It is necessary for every digital marketer to know about their performance and where they stand. It becomes very difficult when they try to make sense of their social media marketing strategy. It is not possible that your social media marketing strategy will work on every social media platform. Each one of them is distinct and asks for individual consideration.

Sensai, as an AI tool, allows marketers to comprehend on social media posts and their impact on focused consumers. This tool gives you an edge to know and rewrite your strategy and achieve desired objectives. It gives an effortless experience on famous social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Besides, it does not give any possibility to guesswork in your campaign and provides a clear picture of your results.

9) Crayon

A common assumption digital marketers make in their strategy that their exceptional post will give them the results they are looking for. But in that process, they forget to examine that whether their post relates to the preferences set by their audiences. Crayon utilizes its AI to give you vital insights on your rivals and their activities in the digital arena. This tool assists you with its vast categories as well as millions of sources online. Crayon immediately detects variations on your rival’s website and shows the most important activities which you can exploit to your advantage.

10) Narrative Science

There are various tools available to examine your data and provide you with vital insights which will be invaluable to your digital marketing strategy. Narrative Science is one of the best AI tools when it comes to analyze your data and serve worthy facets to your consumers which will be vital for them. This tool also allows you to fetch data on your data environment and spread it in the company.

The biggest asset of Narrative Science is it offers comprehension of analysis to the clients. Besides, it automatically adapts to the industry requirements. In a nutshell, this tool assists you to create strategies for your marketing campaigns with the help of available information.

11) Pathmatics

After creating an appealing content, the prime concern of a digital marketer is to gather audience in quantity. Pathmatics is an AI tool which can help you in these situations. Pathmatics utilizes AI to indicate you digital advertising data for many brands. You can perceive how much a brand has spent on advertisements. You can likewise observe what advertisements it runs. Above all for our motivations, you can see where the brand publicists. This data can reveal to you where groups of onlookers like yours hang out on the web.

12) Crimson Hexagon

The group behind Crimson Hexagon are dealing with noting the unavoidable issues about client conduct and acquiring designs. They are doing it by utilizing regular dialect preparing, content investigation, neural systems, profound learning, and system examination to filter through a lot of unstructured information. The outcome is more mechanized client care, crusade examination, and brand wellbeing status.


NGData’s AI-driven Customer Data Platform takes your showcasing investigation to the following dimension. You increase unparalleled understanding of what your rivals are doing, alongside significant data enabling you to make better and more focused on promotion battles.
This AI tool gives you pertinent profiles on your intended interest group. Additionally, it gives intuitive dashboards enabling you to pass judgment on how well your campaigns are performing. Also, it incorporates effectively with your current business tools.

14) Acrolinx

In case you’re an endeavor hoping to scale your blogging, Acrolinx merits a look. Acrolinx utilizes AI that peruses and investigates your substance. At that point, it utilizes what it figures out how to ensure everybody pursues mark measures and rules. Regardless of what number of authors you have over the world, they’ll remain in agreement. All posts are on-mark and pursue your style criteria precisely. That opens up a considerable measure of time regularly spent tweaking, arranging, and altering for consistency. That time would then be able to be utilized for all the more fantastic blogging.

15) Gumgum

Gumgum centers exclusively around using PC vision to enable organizations to follow their image nearness crosswise over a wide range of stages. With their innovation, you can perceive what related pictures are posted about you, how frequently supported and non-supported recordings include your image logo, and who are the correct influencers to focus in your industry to get a most extreme group of onlookers to reach.

16) BrightEdge

Another tool for enterprises hoping to scale is BrightEdge. BrightEdge’s suite of AI-first items makes content creation significantly less demanding. On one hand, the organization’s answer mechanizes creation assignments. Say farewell to dull things like including header labels, cross-connecting, and improvement.

On the other, BrightEdge will disclose to you which kinds of the substance may perform well for your image. That spares you a huge amount of time and expands trust in the ROI of blogging endeavors. BrightEdge can likewise prescribe approaches to rank your substance and keep perusers locked in.

17) Salesforce Einstein

You get the advantages of a CRM joined with the analytical comprehension of machine learning in a sole platform- Salesforce Einstein. Robotize work processes while bringing your clients the knowledge they’re searching for. It gives a brilliant intelligent dashboard. Assemble your own custom applications to increase much more nitty-gritty investigation. Gives you scores on how well your sites and other promoting endeavors are performing.

18) InData Labs

The characteristic dialect preparing API of InData Labs examinations content information from social media to discover more about your crowd. You can go down to the quick and dirty subtle elements, for example, sexual orientation, age, dialect, and even distinguish if the messages are sure, negative, or unbiased.

19) Grammarly

Grammarly makes it simple to consummate your writing in minutes, as opposed to investing hours poring over each word. Additionally, you’ll get week by week advance reports to monitor basic errors so you can enhance your composition slashes after some time.

Outputs substance to distinguish language botches, compose botch free on Gmail, online networking, and that’s just the beginning and precise, setting explicit recommendations to enhance your composed substance.

20) Equals 3

The group behind Equals 3 made an AI aide that each advertiser needs. Lucy, as they so affectionately call her, has been work with the APIs from IBM Watson and prepared to deal with both organized and unstructured information to discover answers to questions, deliver tedious reports inside minutes, and do statistical surveying.

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