Answered: All Important Algorithms that Google Rolled Out in 2018

Answered: All Important Algorithms that Google Rolled Out in 2018

Since its foundation, it has been a yearly ritual that Google is constantly trying to do the improvisation in its search algorithm. It’s not always the core changes happens all the time. But there are major changes occur ones or twice or many more happen in a year which disturbs Google search results on the result page. The giant search engine in the world has disclosed its core algorithm update on 1 August 2018 and completed its update on 8 August 2018. As a result, Google saw a drop of 10-30% traffic after this algorithm update and many websites received higher ranking because of this update.

1) Google Images Algorithm Now Uses Page Authority & Image Placement on A Page

This week Google shared a lot of updates. Most important update the tech giant shared with the people change in Google Images. The exemplary service was given by Google in which the company is reshaping and restructuring one of the elite services, by giving crucial characteristics on mobile and desktop.

With the constant change happening in the Google search engine algorithm, now Google images will be aided by Google Lens which will help users to open an image on mobile and scan it. This will allow the users to press on the main items spotlighted and get the similar images.

By this way, users will get the relevant images and will be diverted to product pages so that users will receive more information and will get a choice to buy the product.

Moreover, Google Lens will give an additional support to draw any section of the image. This editing service is a part of a precaution in case Google Lens do not select the image in advance and users will receive each and every information available on that particular image.

2) Google Medic Update: Google’s Core Search Update Had Big Impact on Health/Medical Sites (SER)

Google has acknowledged that they have updated their algorithm in an extensive manner. However, this update caused a great deal to YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) websites.

It has been seen that diet, nutrition, and medical services were adversely impacted by this new update from Google. This update affected various countries, blog sites, doctor practices, e-commerce, advice, and lifestyle tips. Interestingly, from all affected sites, medical and health sites acquired 50% of the total.

Google has already cleared the air by saying that the website owners that ‘there is nothing you can do to settle your webpage, so you should simply center around making an incredible affair, offer better substance and a more helpful site.’ This update has gone up against the name the Medic Update on account of its emphasis on the medical and health space. This particular center is something Google won’t affirm.

The tech giant has further emphasized that ‘it is very normal that the update creates an earthquake in sites ranking. Therefore, the adversely affected sites should not feel bothered by these sudden changes happened in the ranking. On the upside, this update did a justice to the under-rewarded sites.

3) Chrome Security Warnings (Full Site) — July 24, 2018

Chrome starts telling users HTTP sites are not secure (SEL)

Since its inception, the security of the online user is the core value for chrome. In the previous announcement, Chrome has made it crystal clear that it is going to get rid of the non- HTTP sites and mark them as insecure. This firm step was taken by Chrome to make sure that the travel of the user information back and forth will be safe.

When users send information over the plain HTTP website, there is a definite chance that the information will be seen by anyone and capable people with malicious intentions can change the content of the particular website before it reaches to the user. Whereas, HTTP sites are safe and keep the malicious activities far away from you.

Chrome is demotivating the users by giving caution to not use the non-HTTP sites and urging the website owners to increase the safety of their website.

4) Mobile Speed Update — July 9, 2018

Google has refreshed its unique blog entry around the Speed Update saying this is currently “taking off for all users.” Now onwards, Google considers mobile speed as a search ranking factor after the inclusion of speed update algorithm. Interestingly, Google does not provide any metric to verify the speed of a website but Google clarifies that it uses various methods to check page speed and guides towards the metrics created by Chrome User Experience Report, the Lighthouse tool, and Pagelnsights tool.

5) Video Carousels — June 14, 2018

Google Is Replacing Video Thumbnails with A Desktop Carousel (Rank Ranger)

Over the recent weeks, Google has been switching the video box in the desktop search results with carousel designed video box. The initial update on this came on June 6 but Google disclosed the big change on June 15.

The advantage of this carousel box is that the users can switch from three videos simultaneously by clicking on the right arrow on the last video on the right of the box.

According to Rank Tracker report, YouTube will be the most affected website because of this update. The website will have to fight against the other videos to rank higher in the search results. To make it worse, if YouTube does not get a spot within the first three cards, it is unlikely that people will bother to check the video from the YouTube.

The reason Google has switched from thumbnails to carousels is that initially, YouTube dominated the search results space and other websites could not stand a chance against this giant video social media platform. Therefore, this move motivates other websites to find a place on the search results page and motivates YouTube to be innovative and fight for the place on the page.

6) Snippet Length Drop — May 13, 2018

Google rolled back most snippets to the former limit (about 150-160 characters)

Google has reduced in the search results snippets following the five months of increase in it. In the numbers previously it was approximately 320 characters, now it is between 150-170 characters.

Danny Sullivan from Google has made it clear that there is no permanent length for snippets. He says that Google’s system uses different lengths according to its requirements. Sullivan acknowledged that the company will not set any limitations for snippets and will be produced dynamically. It has been advised that users should mention the most important information. This precaution will make sure that the user’s meta descriptions will not be removed by Google.

7) Mobile-First Index Roll-out — March 26, 2018

After laying a foundation plan in 2016, Google has started to alter the course of mobile search index by indexing and ranking mobile version of a webpage. That means to index a webpage, Google will look for mobile web pages than the desktop web pages.

This process of mobile webpage prioritization has been implemented since 2015, where it gave a boost to the mobile-friendly version on mobile search results. Recently it has included a signal which utilizes page speed for mobile search ranking. Therefore, after July 2018 the search engine giant has downgraded the rank of slow loading mobile web pages. Although, Google firmly state that mobile-friendly indexing will not affect the ranking of the content but it says that a website with mobile-friendly content indexed according to Google’s new update will give an edge in mobile search results.

8) Zero-result SERP Test — March 14, 2018

The recent Google algorithm update has changed the way it shows the search results for specific queries like local time, measurement conversions, and calculator searches.

These SERPs shows a ‘show all results’ knowledge card and removes other organic results or SERP features.

Google’s Danny Sullivan explained this move and said that the company wants to provide speedy results and assume that users are only concerned with a specific search result and nothing else.

9) “Brackets” Core Update — March 8, 2018

Google brackets update was focused heavily on content, the core concern for the search engine. Google feels the responsibility to provide the demanded content from the users but it is a very critical thing as more content is produced regularly. The giant search company has also clarified that this update has rewarded the deserved website who were previously under-rewarded. The creation of an exceptional content will benefit the website owners during this core update process. Websites with rich snippets were affected by this update. The presentation and rankings of these rich snippets were more unpredictable than they have been before as this new algorithm update was released.

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