6 Different Types Of Visual Content To Bring Traffic To Your Website

6 Different Types Of Visual Content To Bring Traffic To Your Website

If you are interested in visual content marketing strategy, you just need to build a solid strategy in a digital marketing campaign and have the information which will lead you to online growth and involvement. The core or shall we say the origin of content, words, texts will have its importance in a digital marketing strategy but it is important to note that the competition is enormous on the digital platform and you have to achieve not only success but claim the top position in the rivalry.

There are numerous studies that claim the importance of visuals which will advise you to utilize visual content marketing strategy for your digital marketing campaign and achieve your objectives. The results of these study show that presentations presented in visual form are 43 percent compelling. Not only that, 65 percent of people across the world gain knowledge through visuals. Interestingly, our brain processes 90 percent of the information in the form of visuals in the fastest manner.

These amazing findings will definitely make you more curious as well as desperate to utilize visual content in your digital marketing campaigns and strategies. We present to you 6 different types of visual content to bring traffic to your website and achieve that top position in the digital world.

1) Infographics

Infographics are an incredible device for endless supply of your perplexing information and insights and examining them into a convincing, effectively clear visual showcase. Joined by tenacious promotional endeavors (organizing with key influencers, landing page optimization and social media), infographics can turn into a vital piece of your content marketing strategy.

If you are anxious to utilize the advantages of infographics, make sure the layout and design should be effective. That being said, the infographic should have correct colors, shapes, and fonts to transmit your information. The information presented in the infographic should be correct and similar context. It has been seen that boring statistics can look astonishing if you utilize great infographics.

2) Videos

Visual content marketing strategy cannot be complete without eye-catching videos. Cisco’s research has predicted that almost 82% of internet traffic will be acquired by video traffic in the year 2021. Having said that, this does not mean that video insertion will give you enormous success in your visual content marketing strategy or boost your SEO or rank on the top position. Although, visual content will make sure the rise in engagement, decrease the bounce rate, rise in reach and will future proof your website.

3) Memes

Memes can be utilized as a visual substance to support page movement since they draw in your group of onlookers’ consideration. Whenever utilized as a snare, Memes can without much of a stretch set the tone and temperament of your page, making your substance less demanding to peruse and get it.
We have to recall, in any case, that utilizing the wrong Memes can be lamentable for distributors. Memes with popular culture references can speak to a specific statistic (80’s children, 90’s children, Millennials, and so on.) yet can be exhausting or essentially not relatable to other people (particularly the more youthful ages).

Pick Memes that most (if not all) of your guests can get it. What’s more, much the same as funnies, don’t abuse it as it can divert your guests from the genuine message you need to pass on.

4) Graphs

Graphs are another attempted yet obvious technique for visual correspondence since they’re an ideal method to state a lot – all without in fact saying anything by any means.
In case you’re searching for the most ideal approach to represent the connection between two thoughts, or the manners in which that something has changed after some time, a graph is another short-however sweet approach to do it.

It quickly addresses the visual piece of our minds and can take even complex information and make an interpretation of it into an organization that is relatively easy to get it.

5) Images

If you want to succeed in your visual content marketing strategy, it is adviced that mixing text as well as images can give the surety of content will be read by your audience. Experts say that the articles attached with images give success in attracting attention and almost 94% of view it gets online. Because of the oversaturation of digital content and the expanded appropriation of mobile internet access, capacities to focus are shorter than any time in recent memory, which makes content displayed as large squares of content exceptionally off-putting.

6) Presentations

It’s not the old days where presentations are limited to simply the meeting room; you would now be able to impart your presentations to the world by means of locales like SlideShare, drastically extending the effort of your business. An incredible SlideShare introduction enables you to educate and convey to your group of onlookers, regardless of what gadget they are utilizing.

Presentations serve a comparative capacity to infographics, with an extensive spotlight on appealing plan and shading, along these lines drawing the peruser into the content. In spite of the fact that, they vary however by having a more prominent extension. In this way, if a subject is too extensive to possibly be proper for an infographic, a wonderfully created presentations can be to a great degree powerful at keeping individuals drew in with your content

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