5 ways Artificial Intelligence can help boost your Marketing Strategies

5 ways Artificial Intelligence can help boost your Marketing Strategies

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard of the word “A.I.” constantly being used around you. The use of artificial intelligence has been around for decades. As digital technologies are dynamic, marketers need to keep up with the emerging trends in technology. By now most of the marketers have hopped onto the AI-Marketing bandwagon.

Artificial Intelligence is a computer program or a machine that attempts to imitate the functioning of a human brain. It accumulates and filters past data to predict and provide solutions to specific problems encountered by people.

It refers to artificially induced intelligence of a machine, program, computer or a system. Since its introduction, companies like Amazon, Google, and even Sephora have incorporated artificial intelligence in their marketing strategies to replace monotonous jobs to boost sales and decrease costs.

Marketing is a perpetual process that begins with acquiring customers to keeping them engaged even after a purchase. AI frees up your time by intelligently automating repetitive tasks. Marketers are harnessing the power of AI to access new markets by integrating this technology with traditional methods of marketing.

From Alexa playing your favourite song to Facebook following you with targeted ads, A.I. tries to mimic how your brain would respond to new problems or challenges.

Here’s how A.I. helps in boosting your digital marketing efforts-

1. Chatbots

Chatbots have been around for quite some time now. Nowadays, most of the website traffic is generated from social media channels, therefore, it is necessary to give an immediate response to inquiries generated from such channels.
With the decreasing attention span and patience of humans, it is extremely essential to hook customers and stall them on your web page. Chatbots enable this by letting people interact with your brand and get their questions answered.
Siri and Alexa are both AI-powered chatbots.


2. Curating and Creating Content

Creating content and simultaneously maintaining quality can be quite challenging. Targeting the right customers at the right time with relevant content is vital to a marketer.

A.I. can generate content like blogs, images, and even videos based on the behavioural pattern and tastes of your target audience.

Marketers without the skills of a content creator or designer can create videos within minutes simply by uploading a text document on A.I. powered tools like Lumen5 and Rawshorts.

Incorrect spellings and grammatical errors can make potential customers suspicious of your website. Tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid are AI-based that use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to correct grammatical errors in your blogs or content.

Curating content

3. Predictive Analytics

Analytics is the core of marketing that provides insights for planning and keeping track of various marketing metrics. Marketers use predictive analytics to forecast sales, leads, and even strategy performances.

A.I. mines and segregates historical user data to forecast consumer behavioural patterns and aids marketers in planning campaigns for the future. Predictive analytics tracks patterns in data to give a broad view of anticipatory changes.

American Express makes use of predictive analytics to identify customers that are at risk and to detect potential fraud.

Harley Davidson’s AI program called Albert helps in identifying potential customers who are ready to make expensive purchases.

Predictive Analytics

4. Hyper-personalized advertising

With predictive analysis, marketers can show custom-tailored ads to suit each buyer’s taste and requirements. The costs of products and services can also be negotiated to drive in customers.

Recommender systems enable marketers to target customers by showing them specific products and their similar options and even different prices. While AI collects and organises all the statistics for you, it makes personalizing ad campaigns and marketing strategies easier and time-efficient. This technology comes in handy while running remarketing campaigns.

5. Customer Experience

People feel the need to do everything faster. A.I. reduces wait time and gives quicker solutions with higher accuracy than humans. A marketer knows how important the role of customer experience is in building an impactful brand reputation.

With hyper-personalized ads and e-mails, customers feel valued and connected with your brand. AI helps in better understanding of customers and their preferences.

By analysing various statistics, marketers can provide better services that enhance customer experience throughout the purchase process, from the first time they see your product to after-sales services.

Customer Experience

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