5 MS-Excel Skills Every Marketer Should Have

5 MS-Excel Skills Every Marketer Should Have

Excel is an extremely powerful tool used for analysing marketing data and trends. Most marketers are just scratching the surface of Excel’s potential. Its hundreds of different formulas and functions can be quite intimidating at first but it can speed up your work and help you make better and smarter marketing decisions.

Marketers, whether they are entry-level associates or CMOS, spend the majority of their time analysing data. From calculating open rates for your emails to reviewing ROAS, all processes can be done with more efficiency by using Excel.

Knowing how to utilize the knowledge of Excel is vital for office-based professionals as these skills can open the door to promotion and leadership opportunities. All kinds of businesses employ Excel as a primary tool for various functions.

Following are 5 Excel skills every marketer should have:

1. Formulas and Functions:

Excel allows users to perform simple calculations with the help of formulas and functions. These formulas and functions are the foundation of working with numeric data in Excel.

Functions and Formulas

2. Charting:

Charts are used to analyse trends and patterns in data. Charting enables you to present the data you have collected visually. It makes the data more appealing and easier to interpret for the clients and other key stakeholders.


3. Macros:

Macros are programs that allow users to automate simple data-related tasks, Workbook tasks, Pivot table tasks, complex and repetitive processes to save significant amounts of time.

They let you add your own features and enhancements to help you accomplish exactly what you need to do with just a click of a button.

4. Pivot Tables:

Marketers have to evaluate large datasets every day. Pivot tables are used to filter, summarize, group, and reorganise data stored in databases. They enable their users to transform columns into rows and rows into columns. These tables are incredibly valuable for anyone looking to obtain information from a database.


5. Using the VLOOKUP Function:

VLOOKUP function is great for connecting and comparing numerous sets of data. It can be used, to compare values or, to examine two different time frames. The function allows you to search and retrieve a cell’s content from one column and use it in a different location.

Ms-Excel enhances marketing efforts by helping you track your goals and plan for the future.

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