5 Latest Developments In SEO You Need To Know

5 Latest Developments In SEO You Need To Know

Google understands the importance of change. Not that everyone else doesn’t, but Google’s regular search algorithm updates show us that there’s a lot more than can be done in search engine optimization so that the smallest of businesses can benefit in the digital ecosystem.

Here are some of the benefits of adopting the latest developments in SEO:

  1. Interstitial ads
    Try to get rid of them if you can. Google will soon start to ‘punish’ the websites that have interstitial ads, especially on mobile. Google’s logic behind this step is that interstitial ads block the relevant content of the website and are an utter annoyance on the mobile screen. As a result, Google (and inevitably, the other search engines as well) will be de-rank websites that use these ads that make them less ‘mobile-friendly’. SEO tip for 2016 – reduce any distractions from the content of your website.
  2. User experience
    There’s a lot of talk on user experience off late. And as a webmaster, it will be unwise to ignore it. Google and other search engines are considering site experience as a big factor in the search rankings. Quality content, navigation ease and visual appeal, all count, and search engines are keeping an eye on it. SEO tip for 2016 – be relevant to the user. Good rankings will require good on-page and off page SEO, excellent content, and user experience.
  3. Responsive website design
    This is the biggest factor to consider at the moment – the mobile friendliness of your website. The number of mobile users is increasing and Google wants to pay attention to them. In turn, it wants you to pay attention to those audiences and make sure that your SEO is in tandem with your audience’s requirements.
  4. Social media presence
    Social media is no longer off-limits for search engines and your social following now affects your website’s search ranking as well. Your social page content, tweets, shares, likes, comments – all help drive traffic to your website. So, along with your website SEO, you will need to come up with an SEO strategy to make sure your social content is in sync at all places.
  5. Website user engagement
    You’ve got to know your audience better. If you do, you can make changes to your website and content to ensure better engagement with them as it is going to be a big factor in your search ranking in 2016. Everything counts – fonts, content flow, navigation, words. So pay attention to every little detail. Use the webmaster tools and gain insights into your website’s acceptance among your audiences. Use analytics to drill down deeper into your website’s user data and improve your SEO.

These are just a few of the most important things to keep in mind that will improve your search rankings. But you can’t stop here. SEO is, and always will be a constant process. So gear up for more changes in search engine optimization. And if you still feel the need to learn more, ask for advice from experts or come have a word with our team at NSDM India.

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