5 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in India

5 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in India

As India is gaining its new identity of becoming an affiliate marketing hub, western companies are looking with promising eyes towards this country. There are several reasons for it, 1) India dominates the world when it comes to marketing. 2) modest payouts with fewer investments plans. 3) Huge population makes a way to advertise to a larger crowd. That is the reason India is prospering with affiliate marketing companies and giving numerous opportunities in the digital marketing field.

Besides, affiliate marketing is a preferred way of money making online as it gives an enormous scope to get rewarded by advertising other company’s offers. Companies are happy to pay you for this advertisement a huge lump sum amount for the sale and create a path for a website visitor to reach their website to buy products as well as sells.

You might be getting a doubt ‘how to start affiliate marketing?’ Then all you need to do is buy a Google Adsense account and create a room for advertising. You also need to associate yourself with different online stores and as mentioned above provide them a space to advertise their products. Precisely, you need to be careful while doing affiliate marketing in India as it can become a turnoff for the Indian audience if you are not advertising Indian products.

After this interesting knowledge about affiliate marketing, we present to you 5 best affiliate marketing programs in India so you can get the vital clues to cash this huge opportunity for money-making.

1) Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affiliate Program

If you want to make a huge amount of money from affiliate marketing, Flipkart provides you the best platform to make online money through its affiliate program. Flipkart is the top online marketer who sells books, home appliances, clothes, furniture, baby care products, automobile spare parts. The wide range of products makes flipchart an attractive platform for customers. Accordingly, it is beneficial for you in affiliate marketing as you can choose various commission plans of Flipkart.

Flipkart too understands the vital importance of affiliate marketers and gives them user-friendly tools like product links, banners and widgets to attach it to your website.

2) Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program

Another fascinating affiliate program for passionate affiliate marketers. Not only in India but throughout the world, Amazon is a principle e-commerce business venture. This is shown by its outstanding performance that is high website conversion rates, commission rates and average order value which makes it an irresistible platform to affiliate marketers who want to achieve success. As an online market giant, Amazon offers various products in numerous categories and it has also put its foot down in home targeted products such as Kindle, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Fire TV Stick and many more.

As you join this e-commerce giant, you will be offered a set of tools to make affiliate marketing as easy as possible. Amazon provides you SiteStripe toolbar, a list of the desktop as well as mobile-optimized banners and social media product affiliate link to promote their products on various platforms. Amazon offers various kinds of commission plans to the affiliate marketers which ranges between 0.3%-12%.

3) VCommission Affiliate Program

VCommission Affiliate Program

This is the best affiliate marketing company which hosts prestigious e-commerce brands such as eBay, Myntra, Snapdeal, HomeShop18, etc. This is the reason your affiliation with this company can get you immense opportunities to make money by lead generation, driving app installs and by creating e-commerce sales. With the association, this affiliate company gives you numerous opportunity to earn more than you imagine.

4) BigRock Affiliate Program

BigRock Affiliate Program

If you want to register your domain, web hosting and join affiliate programs then BigRock is the right platform for you. This affiliate marketing company has a reputation for providing high commission for the sales generated by you. Additionally, BigRock affiliate program’s portfolio offers domain registration email services, web hosting, website builders, digital certificates, top customer service and easy process which makes it an unavoidable choice for small businesses, professionals and individuals who want to make their online presence.

These are impressive things which will mend your choice to turn towards BigRock affiliate program. They offer a commission around 22.50% to 45% for email and web hosting services.

5) GoDaddy Affiliate Program

GoDaddy Affiliate Program

This globally famous and recognized top domain name registration company has adapted an India specific affiliate program. They charge no fee to join this affiliate program. GoDaddy offers an undeniable commission of 100% and numerous plans and products give you the best affiliate program ever! The company has already made its positive reputation by excellent customer service which is 24/7. GoDaddy provides you 100 high clickthrough banners which are easy to use.

With GoDaddy, your dream to earn online will come true and you will become a successful affiliate marketer.

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