5 Awesome Email Personalization Strategies for a Successful Email Marketing Program

5 Awesome Email Personalization Strategies for a Successful Email Marketing Program

Email marketing is an indispensable ingredient of a digital marketing strategy. Digital marketers utilize email marketing to get the attention of the customers towards their brand. With email personalization, it is highly that the customers will engage with the emails sent to them. You may address your subscribers by name, make them blush by your beautifully woven words and most importantly, supply them with the right content, precisely generated for them. Ergo, subscribers will look forward to receiving emails from you.

For that, your email marketing campaign should emphasize providing a stand-out message which will attract the attention of your subscribers. It has been observed that, despite having the knowledge of advantages of email personalization, nearly 5% of companies utilize this powerful marketing tool at most. Still, 60% of marketers have no idea on how to personalize the content. To an extent, they (email marketers) struggle to implement email personalization in a content.

In this post, we share 5 awesome email personalization strategies with you so you can create a successful email marketing program and attract more subscribers to your brand.

1. The Need of a Plan

The Need of a Plan

Personalization gives you an immense opportunity to get success in your email marketing program. But you can only achieve this target if you have a plan- already in place to execute. The planning of email personalization will provide you an advantage to set the objectives for the campaign. Additionally, you will know the success of your email campaign by measuring it and have thought about it beforehand.

When you think about the plan, you also need to get your team by your side and inform them about it. Provide the relevant data as a proof -which will back your plan- to your team and explain them the advantages so they will give their 100% in that plan to execute and make it a success. You need to get an email service provider who will provide the tools required for the email personalization.

2. Collect Customer’s Data

Collect Customer’s Data

You need to gather the data from your customer to know more about them. It is a necessity if you want to personalize your email campaigns. This vital information (of your subscribers) will give you the advantage to create more engaging as well as attractive content for them.

Many companies get information from the sign-up form filled by the customer. You need to get every possible information about your customer so later you can use it for your campaign. That being said, make sure customer will see a detailed online form of nuggets of information and provide you with abundant information.

By doing this, you will come to know a customer’s first subscription date, emails checked at a time and many more. Companies with successful email marketing strategies utilize this kind of information such as sending a personalized email to the subscriber for celebrating a major mark in the relationship (anniversary of the first subscription). Remember, when you are constructing your strategy, analyze the data you gathered and examine the gaps to achieve success in your campaign.

3. Personalize by Purchase History and Interests

Personalize by Purchase History and Interests

Various companies utilize psychographic data which contains subscribers interests, lifestyle, beliefs and behavior pattern. With this data, companies can zoom in on pertinent images which will suit the traits of a subscriber.

It has been seen that 57% of email marketers accept that email segmentation is a powerful email marketing strategy accessible for every online marketer. If you want to create a successful email marketing campaign, you must analyze the purchase history of that customer. This will provide you with the necessary information on buying behavior as well as browsing the history of that subscriber and you can adjust your campaign accordingly.

You also need to examine the interests of a customer. This will give you an advantage to segment your subscriber according to their interests.

4. Use Automation

Use Automation

Email marketers find it difficult to personalize every email they send. It consumes a lot of time. Any email marketer would have a list which is made up of hundreds or thousands of subscribers. This makes it impossible to create a personalized message for every subscriber. This is where automation comes into the picture.

In this kind of circumstances, you can arrange automated journeys for your subscribers which will give them personalized emails based on their online behavior. To achieve this result, you simply need to generate emails earlier and create a workflow. So, when certain criteria are achieved your automation will send personalized emails to the subscribers.

5. Combine Personalized Emails and Landing Pages

Combine Personalized Emails and Landing Pages

Personalized emails can certainly heighten your success rate in email marketing. But if you combine personalized emails and landing pages, it can give you an edge in your email marketing campaigns.

To get the higher success, make sure that your email and landing page has the same structure. It should also have a similar personalized call to action (CTA) for the customer. By showing this, it is highly that customer will convince as the customer will receive personalized content backed by data. This lethal combination of personalized emails and landing pages will give you the success you desire in your email marketing campaign.

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