44 Best Growth Hacking Tools That Every Smart Marketer Must Have (Updated)

44 Best Growth Hacking Tools That Every Smart Marketer Must Have (Updated)

Big corporations do not worry about a slow growth rate. But startups and their businesses are living on the edge. They need growth, at the fastest rate possible.

Here, enters the growth hacker into the picture. A growth hacker is a specialized person who’s only target is to get growth for the business. But a growth hacker needs the right set of tools to achieve the desired objective- that is- growth.

We have listed below the best 44 growth hacking tools that every smart marketer must utilize to expand their business and achieve success.

1. Qualaroo

This growth hacking tool has been developed by Sean Ellis, who actually coined the term-growth hacking. Qualaroo sends specifically focused consumer surveys by which it gets the vital information about people’s browsing pattern and similar negative claims made about a specific product.

This tool is available for free trials.

2. JustReachOut

Nowadays, you do not need to follow the conventional way to reach out to the journalists. JustReachOut assists you to search the right journalist who is writing an article about a product and need a reference. This tool also helps with the sample email pitches from the real journalists and exclusively collected 9 email templates and telephone numbers of the journalists.

This tool is available for a 7-day trial, afterward, $65/month and $450/year.

3. Keywords Everywhere

A growth hacker needs to do a lot of keyword search in a day. But this keyword search can become an Achilles heel for a growth hacker as this is a monotonous work.

The keyword search becomes a headache when a growth hacker searches keywords without any attached reference of data. Therefore, the task of keyword search becomes a hindrance than a bliss.

Rather switching from one tool to another and waiting for the data for too long, Keywords Everywhere extension helps to gather search volume, cost-per-click, and competition data which is essential for growth hackers. This tool is absolutely free to use. Growth hackers should utilize this extension and gather important data.

4. Hotjar

If you want to utilize analytically and a feedback tool, Hotjar is the right tool for you. This tool is a perfect package which consists of both analytics and feedback tool. Hotjar collects the online footprint of the users, their preferences during online usage give feedback button on the website to get the written feedback from the users.

This tool is available for free for the first 15 days.

5. Click to Tweet

This tool itself explains in its name that it is made for the Twitter handle. A growth hacker can easily tweet about the product and tell others to share it everywhere. Click to Tweet analyze the per click to tweet link clicks and gives you valuable data to grow your business.

This tool is available for free!

6. User testing

If you want to lighten speed feedback from your consumers, then User Testing is the right tool for you. This tool assigns various actions to the consumers on your website. This tool helps to get written as well as video clips feedback from the consumers. So you can work and improve on these feedbacks.

This tool is available for $49/video.

7. Ahrefs

Most of the Startups start from the bottom. They do not know what to do. Therefore, Ahrefs tool helps growth hackers to duplicate the planning done by their rivals and gain the momentum. This tool provides with vital information about rival businesses growth and their reason to grow. It also provides tips to outshine these top growth getting businesses.

This tool is available for $7 for 7 days.

8. Zapier

Growth hackers always find it difficult to link social media platforms as well as apps together. Zapier assists the growth hackers to engage and bind all the apps at the same time. It also helps to automate your tasks. Therefore, it becomes easy to send a reply to all the feedback at the same time.

This tool is available for free.

9. Crazy Egg

Growth hackers always try to improve their online presence. So the consumer’s preference can be understood and implemented with the lightning speed. Crazy Egg is the best tool to do this task. This tool provides vital information such as consumer scrolling pattern as well as page footprints of the consumer. This vital information allows a growth hacker to focus on the preferences set by the consumer on their website and the page they liked the most.

This tool is available for a 30-day free trial.

10. Maitre

This tool helps to send emails to the viral waiting list. This widget tool acquires friends email list and refers the products to them. Maitre is a growth hacker friendly tool which provides a variety of additional tools such as engagement emails. In this additional facility, the tool tracks the user activity and sends an email to them.

This tool is available for $69/month.

11. Type Form

Type Form tool allows a growth hacker to build an attractive survey to get the important information from the users.

This tool is available for free.

12. Referral Candy

Many successful digital companies use referral initiatives. This is the reason they grow at a faster rate. Growth hackers like this idea of referral which works efficiently to attract more consumers towards them. Referral Candy makes it easy for the growth hackers to get a successful referral program. It only needs you to set it up on your preferred e-commerce website and incentivize according to your choice. Then Referral Candy set up the referrals for you.

This tool is free for the first 30 days, afterward, $49/month+monthly commission.

13. PushCrew

This tool enables you to reach your consumers when you are unable to send an email to them. PushCrew allows the growth hackers to engage with the consumers with the help of images and emojis.

This tool is free up to 2000 subscribers.

14. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics helps the growth hackers to comprehend the data taken from the website. Therefore, the growth hacker can utilize this information to communicate, convert and retain the consumers. Additionally, it assists with the categorization of the prospective consumers according to their footprint on the website. The best thing about Kissmetrics is, it suggests the best funnel to get the faster growth in your business.

This tool is free for a 30-day trial.

15. Snip.ly

Snip.ly allows adding an additional news on your content link. This way people who are looking at the same news story and your similar content then it becomes a higher possibility of that they will click and turn into consumers.

This tool is free up to 100 conversions a month.

16. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a very adaptable survey tool for any product. It helps to create attractive surveys for potential consumers.

This tool is free for 100 responses.

17. Voila Norbert

Growth hackers utilize every possible way to persuade the consumer, but it is a necessity to create a specific email directed at a particular consumer. Voila Norbert finds the target consumer’s email Id. With the help of that person’s name and domain, Voila Norbert finds the correct email address of a particular person.

This tool gives 50 leads for free.

18. SEMrush

SEMrush provides valuable information on your SEO and gives recommendations to refine your SEO.

This tool is available for $99.95/month.

19. BuzzSumo

Growth hackers always try to create the best content to attract new consumers. Therefore, the content becomes the key substance to get growth in the business. BuzzSumo checks the content and provides important information on the content on a keyword level and suggests the topics, channels, and formats suitable for you.

This tool is available for $79/month.

20. SumoMe Image Sharer

This tool enables the users to share the images on blogs. After activation, this plugin attaches all images from your website and blog to the social media sharing icons such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. When consumers share your blog, SumoMe Image Sharer attaches a link to your website and an image.

This tool is for free.

21. Unbounce

This tool is utilized by marketers and digital agencies to get new consumers from website and campaigns speedily. Unbounce enables growth hackers to create, launch and test the landing pages. It is a very efficient landing page converter for the growth hackers.

This tool is free for 30 days.

22. Optimonk

Growth hackers manage to attract the visitors to their web page but they fail to make them stay for a longer period of time. Optimonk with an Exit-Intent technology catches the exiting visitors and lures back to the website.

This tool is free for 14 days.

23. CovertFul

This tool helps to create an attractive opt-in email set up. While signing in it lures the visitors with the help of images and videos.

This tool is free for 5000 visitors/month.

24. AdEspresso

Growth hackers can use this amazing tool exclusively to optimize Facebook ads. AdEspresso helps to classify ads and audiences according to their relevance. This tool also provides vital information on ads to boost performance. Automation feature and algorithm help to decrease your PPC and save money on non-converting clicks.

This tool is available for $49/month.

25. Jooicer

Jooicer is the best tool for growth hackers who wish to do marketing through Twitter. This tool gives an option of automation on Twitter for various tasks. It allows the growth hackers to restrategize and reports are available through the dashboard.

This tool is for free.

26. Optimizely

This tool is equipped with the intuitive engagement testing which allows Optimizely to edit your landing pages. Optimizely is highly productive for the growth hackers as it creates a lead generating landing page.

This tool is free for 30 days.

27. Quuu

Most of the times, growth hackers create blog posts to engage with the visitors. But they cannot generate any sharing possibility. Quuu solves this problem by becoming a bridge between social media influencers and blog publishers. This tool provides the social media influencers the content they are looking for. Which eventually works for the benefit of the blog publishers as well.

This tool is available for $40/month.

28. Grouply.io

This tool allows the growth hackers to gather information from Facebook groups. Grouply.io helps to catch information from Facebook groups to generate email ids and create a new target list.

29. Hunter

Growth hackers collect data such as name and domain but they fail to get the email ids of the consumers. Hunter is a powerful tool which after the installation helps to get the email ids.

This tool is free up to 100 requests.

30. Bounce Exchange

This tool converts the existing visitors on your website by showing a popup to join it. Bounce Exchange has a precise algorithm which catches the activity of the visitor such as cursor approaching to closing tab or changing URL and informs you in a second to get the attention back.

This tool is available for $4k/month.

31. Lumen5

Gary Vaynerchuk provided a systemic guidance to get highlighted on the web through your content. However, this can only be possible if you have a big team at your disposal. Lumen5 helps growth hackers to convert their content into a video. This tool is user-friendly and made for people who do not have the technical knowledge.

This tool is for free for 480p video quality, for 720p it is $49/month.

32. Buffer

Buffer is a wonderful tool to manage social media posts, track the content performance and organize all accounts in one place.

This tool is for free.

33. Colibri

Colibri helps growth hackers to engage in a meaningful conversation via tracking of Twitter, Quora, Hacker News, GrowthHackers.com and get updated from the growth hacking community. It assists the growth hacker by suggesting the activities the hacker need to perform on these portals.

This tool is available for $49/month.

34. Intercom.io

Intercom is a best growth hacking tool for the growth hackers who manages their helpdesk, email marketing, and consumer engagement. This tool generates tons of reports and data to analyze and create a strategy to grow.

This tool is free for up to 250 users.

35. Convertfox

Convertfox allows the growth hackers to live chat with the visitors and consumers on their web page. This tool is also very useful when it comes to automation in tagging, building user segments, transmitting focused campaigns.

This tool is free for 21days.

36. Tribeboost

Tribeboost is equipped with a specialized team who handles your Twitter account and helps you to get maximum followers on this online platform. Combination of manual labor as well as the use of a crafted algorithm to find and follow the particular people you asked for. They filter the unnecessary profiles from the Twitter and focus on the specific accounts to get the accurate results.

This tool is free for 2 weeks afterward $119/months.

37. Right Inbox

Join more than 250,000+ professionals that have added Right Inbox to Gmail for next-level email productivity. Find out who reads and clicks your emails, how many times, and when with Right Inbox ‘email tracking tool‘. Right Inbox’ other features that help you be more effective at communication like email Signatures, Templates, Sequences and Add GIF sit right beneath the subject line in your Gmail, one click away while you compose the email.

This tool is free up to 1000 emails afterward $79/month.

38. Heap Analytics

When it comes to digital analysis, Google analytics show the summary of reports while Heap Analytics gives you the minute details of the reports. Growth hackers can utilize this tool before making vital decisions for their businesses.

This tool is free up to 5000 sessions a month.

39. Dexi.io Scraping

Dexi.io Scraping will allow you to extract data from any website and it assists the analyst by creating the dataset. Individuals who do not have expertise in coding can utilize this growth hacking tool which provides you visual editor and makes web automation obtainable.

This tool is available on monthly subscription as the standard version available at $119/month.

40. Bubble Rapid Prototyping

This is the best growth hacking tool for individuals as well as startups to create online stuff. If your employees use this tool then they do not need to learn coding to create online stuff such as apps and many more. Bubble helps you to create apps with the help of visual programming language.

This tool is available in various types such as for Hobby it is free of cost, for Personal $14/month, Professional $62/month, Team $165/month, Production $445/month.

41. Blockspring

This tool allows Google sheets to attach with web apps and data services. Growth hackers can utilize this tool to automate reporting, sales operations, sourcing and many more. In short, Blockspring is a platform to create, share and run functions.

The tool is available in four specifications like Enrichment costs $29/month, Leads costs $74/month, Reports for $29/month and Pages for $29/month.

42. Amplitude Analytics

This excellent tool is useful to comprehend user behavior, creates interactive experiences and increase business productivity. Amplitude Analytics allows companies to collect the data from third parties which is an important feature. It allows companies to take information from a single data source.

The tool has a basic package which is free of cost.

43. Fomo Social Proof

Fomo Social Proof tool helps you to view recent orders, product reviews and other behaviors of visitors on your Store website. It makes online similar to a bustling shop, indicating forthcoming clients that other individuals are purchasing your items. The remarkable attribution of this tool is it provides social proof notifications which lead to an increase in conversion.

This tool is available in three categories such as Essential for $39/month, Plus for $79/ month and Advanced $199/month.

44. Post-Intelligence.ai (Pi)

This tool provides assistance to grow your business on social media platforms. This smart assistance provides deep learning model so you can create exceptional posts and attract more followers. Pi also gives you the necessary analysis to give a systematic assistance to know your audience and post accordingly.

Take your career to the next level by using these powerful growth hacking tools in our advanced growth hacking course.

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