4 Brands Achieved Success From Content Writing

4 Brands Achieved Success From Content Writing

Content marketing is a dissimilar, complicated source that works fantastically for huge enterprises as well as for startups who find it difficult to find finance for their business. It is true that content writing can be utilized for every business but it has to be applied differently for different businesses.

Content marketing is a technique utilized to allure and keeps visitors and in this process convert them into consumers. Many digital marketers have utilized content marketing for their business and achieved success. Although, content marketing is a laborious work. Having said that, to generate traffic as well as revenue, you need to spend your money on content marketing.

Exceptional content marketing strategies are dynamic in nature. Any enterprise achieve success by focusing on a specific audience, expectations of audiences and the way interaction take place on the website. We know how important it is to put content on your website and how it is important for your business to grow. These are 4 brands who achieved their success from content writing.

1) IEEE GlobalSpec

The renowned digital destination for engineers as well as technical professionals Engineering360.com, broadcasted by IEEE GlobalSpec which provides news and analysis to 8 million engineers. This website produces highly interactive data through videos and newsletters. As it is evident that, the majority of millennials absorb online information by watching videos on mobile devices. Considering this, the IEEE GlobalSpec team constructed a video targeted newsletter.

IEEE GlobalSpec has utilized a proprietary model to search individuals, who communicated with its videos or webinars to construct the movement for their newsletter. The process utilized by this company shows that they targeted on choosing the audience who will communicate with this kind of content and avoided to choose industries they were associated with.

2) Buffer

It is the most preferred content marketing example. Buffer utilizes a three-pronged content marketing strategy. It cleverly exploited guest blogging to launch their first stage growth, writing twice in the day and broadcasting content on high visibility sites. The results showed that their content marketing strategy worked and it allured its first 1,00,000 users.

During this time, Buffer took advantage of its blog by employing influential people to write top quality and top shareable content for consumers. At the present, Buffer has four blogs in its arsenal, incorporating Transparency blog and Open blog which depicts its entire journey. Additionally, Buffer distribute their premier content with the help of email marketing on a daily basis.

3) Get Response

Influencer marketing helps to get ‘growth’ in a business with a fast pace on the next stage of traction or advantages. By utilizing with the present, associated audiences, this will help you to advertise your brand to the possible consumers and grow your consumer base.

Get Response shows a detailed, modified ‘case study’ page explaining you the advantages provided by every influencer they possess. The pages are modified to tell you the story, rotating around the tale of the influencer. You can spotlight your content related problems in front of Get Response and you will also find an advantage to be associated with this brand.

Having said that, Get Response can get you influencers for your focused audience. These people deploy marketing, blogging, small enterprises and various measures are needed in an email service provider for an impactful content. In a nutshell, you need to follow your influencer and the influencer will utilize various services to achieve your objectives.

4) The Benefits Guide

Health insurance giant Anthem BlueCross BlueShield constructed The Benefits Guide to assists with the information of office health or to give a comprehension of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Benefits Guide serves small enterprises with the help of precise, uncomplicated and deployable content. The best thing about this brand is, it focuses on visitors choices as well as their behavior to enhance visitor site experience by giving valuable insights on content.

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