3 Major Forecasts of Artificial Intelligence For 2019

3 Major Forecasts of Artificial Intelligence For 2019

There is an ongoing debate on machine learning and artificial intelligence which does not seems to stop at any point in time. The overall effect of artificial intelligence (AI) is wide-ranging- from small tasks to complicated once. The increased speed of AI can mesmerize as well as astonish you. That is the reason, tools for digital marketing are becoming powerful, cost-efficient and reachable.

Digital marketers believe that AI will bring an upside down changes in the industry. It has been estimated that AI will increase $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Although, many digital marketers are unknown about the effective utilization of AI which can become an effective contributor in their digital marketing strategy. It has been estimated that more and more companies will open source their projects. Having said that, this will be the result of companies aiming to progress in innovation, empower faster time to market and decreased costs.

will be interesting to know what will be the exact stance of artificial intelligence. That is the reason, we provide you with 3 major forecasts of artificial intelligence for 2019.

1) Enhancement Of User Experience

An incredible user experience can definitely increase the traffic of consumers towards your website. An ideal website will provide an effortless experience to the consumers. The AI use of digital marketing will allow you to know and forecast the behavior of the buyer, search cycles, buyer persona. The most important thing of AI use in digital marketing will offer effortless consumer service and chatbots will enhance your capacity to deal with problems on an increased scale.

2) Video Deployment

Experts believe that the future of digital marketing shows the capacity to develop quality video content such as live streaming to sponsored pieces. It is because many companies will clash on the social media platform. Subscription-based video platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime will serve more advertisers as well as content generators who knows that growth in audiences and subscribers for the company. This change is vital as our lives have been changed and occupied with our day to day lives.

3) Personalized Marketing

These days brands are looking for ways to connect with the consumers on a much more meaningful level. It is highly unlikely that predictive analysis will help to construct ads. To understand consumer completely on an emotional level, you need to examine the previous interactions between consumers as well as brands. This will allow you to create a more impactful response from your end. It also assists you to forecast references and advises to make it more individualized as well as focused.

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